New Series : p.s I love lipsticks

Introducing my new series; p.s I love lipsticks. I shall be sharing with you guys my take on lipsticks. Generally, I gravitate towards darker shades of lipstick and lately I have been loving everything about liquid lipsticks. I really love the formula it comes in. Who am I kidding right? I know they tend to dry out faster and at times dry out the lips completely. But, ladies beauty comes with a price and in this case you got give a little TLC to your lips prior to applying these liquid lipsticks.

Once you do that, trust me the finish will be flawless. May be I will share my lip care routine with you guys too. Quick tip: scrub your lips (exfoliate) and splatter generous amount of lip butter every opportunity you get (moisturize). If you do this you too can have great looking lips, than  you can duck face all you want in selfies too.

I got a few liquid lipsticks for my birthday, my mum bought them from me. If you don't already know my mum is my beauty guru. I used to love seeing her apply her lipsticks every morning. It was always in Crimson Red and it was always matte.

She picked out 4 shades from the Elianto's Brilliant Rich Lip Color Series:

From left : 313, 314, 315 & 05

I got mine from Elianto - Aeon Mall. The numbering on these tubes are different from the ones in the website. 

The shades and swatches are in no particular order. The first one here is a beautiful coral with more red undertone. It is a vibrant color and it can be worn on warmer skin tones. The colour payout may vary based on your lip colour, If you want the colour to be more vibrant, use a good orange or brick red lip liner as a base prior to applying this shade. 

If application is not even it can appear streaky on the lips. You really want to even out each layer of application before it dries out. 

The purplish shade above is by far my favorite, Super pigmented and I just love the character it gives to the look. It is definitely purple with an attitude. 

If you look closely at the picture above, you can see the liquid drying off to a matte finish. The darker shades in this series are forgiving it doesn't give the streaky effect like the coral shade. 

Now the classic red colored lipstick. You can't go wrong with this shade. Goes well with all skin tone and majority of looks. 

No complains for this one. Thumbs up Elianto.

Last but not the least, a vibrant pink. This shade is a make-up must have. Why? cause you can mix it up to create an hombre look. If you are someone who wants a change to spice up your lip colour you can add this shade over any lip colour and custom create a shade no one in the world could possible have.

Some time back when lips were heavily lined with a dark shade lip liner and the lightest lipstick color was applied on the whole lip, I bought a couple of pale shades to try out that look. God I need serious smack right on the face...What was I even thinking? (moment of silence to recap my stupidity). Once, I wore that kind of look When I realize I looked like a total wack job I added this vibrant pink to save the day. It was actually a lip gloss from silky girl. From then on I always carry this shade with me where ever I go. I would never know when this pink shade could save my day.

You can even apply the tinniest bit of this pink on your fingers and dab it on over nude shade lip colours. Nude never works well on me, It just washes out my lips. You can survive the was out by doing this. It will give a very subtle pop of colour not make you appear dead.

Please line your lips to prevent bleeding lipstick, the last thing you want are smudges of lipsticks on expected parts of your face. It will look like you just got abused in a wrong way. Unless you don't mind looking like Harley Quinn. 

Let them dry, don't be in a rush and carry the shade that you have applied with you at all times. This lipsticks are kiss proof to a certain extend. Doesn't transfer when dried completely but transfers after you eat oily/greasy food. If lips are dry prior to application may give you a very parched looks lips after application. 

The price is leaning towards the affordable end of the scale, it retails at RM 31.90 on-line. Different stores may have different promotions. Stay on the hunt for good deals my ladies. I am wearing the classic red shade in 313 in the picture below. I lined and filled my lips with wet n wild lip liner in the shade Icon Berry, got mine from SaSa.

Hope you enjoyed the little review and swatches. Keep calm and hunt for good deals. 
That is Harivain founder of  Fierce Paint.


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