My latest Obsession

I am now obsessed with Time-wise Miracle skin care products. I innocently started with a single tube of moisturizer and have conveniently eased my way up into purchasing the Night Solution Serum and "The Bomb" 3-in-one cleanser. 

From Left :  Timewise Night Solution,  Timewise Moisturizer and TImewise 3-in-1 cleanser for Normal to Dry Skin.

I am just loving these skin care products  and it has given me a great deal of improvement within the first week. I found out that it has given significant anti-ageing effects on skin if used continuously for 12 weeks.

Let's put the product to test. Stay tuned for weekly face-improvement pictures.

Mary Kay Product Review

Hello all, I am back with a one brand product review. Recently I was approached by a dear friend who is a beauty advisor to try out and write reviews on some Mary Kay products.
The first thing that I felt was, What? Is my age really making it's way onto my face? I have heard about  this brand and it was once upon a time introduced to my mother. Gosh, It killed me to quickly fake a smile and acknowledging my friend as she was talking.

So me being me - the impulsive buyer, I agreed and to support her placed an order on the rav of youtube & beauty bloggers " Age-fighting moisturizer" from the Timewise series. Since I have made the order, I thought It would be wise to consult my "virtual beauty gurus" via Youtube. The first review that I got a hold of was by Ms.Bailey B. Her reviews are always awesome and she doesn't rattle and ramble. I watched her 60 second review on Mary Kay's matte finish liquid foundation. Then as usual the ritual continued, reviews after reviews and finally I hit the subscribe button of the Mary Kay channel itself. 

Now is time for my review, I received a little box and only to realize that I have not made payment for my order. She is so kind to send the products and said good things must be shared. The dear beauty advisor of my own had sent me not only my "Timewise Moisturizer" but some generous amount of samplings as well.

 Samples : Timewise Series -  Day Solution, Night Solution, 3-in-1 cleanser & the Age Fighting Moisturiser
 2 Full size foundation in Beige 3 and  Ivory 5 (Sadly both the colours don't suite me) - this means share the  goodness to others.

Quick Review  #1: 

 Mary Kay Timewise Age Fighting Moisturiser

Comes in 88ml pink tube with a black opener at the bottom
Has a very smooth texture to it
Easy application and does not create the greyish appearance on the face
 A little goes a long way
Fast absorption but doesn't leave skin feeling dry or stretched
Leaves skin feeling soft and supple.

My ratings :  5 Stars 

I did not apply any make-up over it today. 

Quick Review #2: 

3-in-1 Timewise Cleanser

I love the texture of the cleanser, It has cream like consistency and a little bit of it covers full face cleansing. Upon application and working the cleanser on my wet face, I used Sephora's silicon like face buffer with it.Did not apply over the eye area.Removed it with a warm n wet wash cloth (Face towel).It felt amazing and I have place an order for this, with out even hesitating.I like that it did not leave my skin dry after washing like some of the cleansers do; especially around my t-zone.

My ratings :  5 Stars 

Quick Review #3: 

Matte-wear liquid foundation -  Beige 5

Even if  the colour is not a match it worked well on my skin. It was an instant pore filler and it evened out my skin texture and pores. Blends well and drys fast, can be combined with other foundation.

I din't leave it on long but the coverage was very good, I only used a little product but it covered most of the dark spots and facial hair. I am now curious on what the exact colour match outcome would be like. 

My ratings : 3 Stars 

Thanks to her and her products, I am more than happy to fight ageing with Mary Kay Time Series.

Do check her page out via Facebook : 

 Happy Skin With Ash

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