Twenty Sixteen : Journals in the Life of A Journal Junkie

I started organizing my thoughts and to-dos  a while back in 2013. Well, that is a far my memory takes me. During my teenage era I had the "Dear Diary " moments just any teenage girl. My mum was working all the way in Saudi Arabia and there has not been a single day in my life during those times that I did not miss my mummy. I used to write her letters on a weekly basis and I would refer to my dear diary to tell her every exciting details about my life like how I got friendly with my best friend and decided that she is the one that I want to share all my life's worth secrets with, how my poem got selected and got published in a school magazine and many more life's experience and teachings.

I was not really a plan your thought kind of a person but I loved all the cute diaries that I have been growing up with. I started planning and drawing up monthly goals, to-do lists, meal plans just as I discovered the benefits of planning on paper as I aged. I must say this, I am such an absent minded person and I now wonder how I led thru my life till the year 2013 where everything about me begun with planning. Before I go into the juicy details of how I plan and what I plan let me give the due credits to the one person who has inspired me to plan my thoughts and to-dos.

She is my best friend and a planning guru Ms.Welma La'anda, You will be surprise how I struggle when I wanted to do my first ever weekly planning. Only then I realized nothing that I intended to do got done cause when I thought about something and another thing/element in relative to that was incomplete. So I broke down my thoughts into several categories, for example; family, home, blog entries, meal & fitness planing. This was so much easy to deal with no doubt the elements that needed to be planned has an incomplete task. I literally did reverse planing, is call beginning with the end-in mind just like it says in Steven Covey's - 7 Habits.

These are my journals for year twenty sixteen. I have 4 in total and out of the 4 I will only be carrying 2 of them with me at all times. 

Planner # 1 - The Creative Journal

This little cutie is from Mr.DIY Alma, was around RM 8.00++ .Gosh I don't remember the price.
This planner epics some of the scene form the novel The Little Prince. I got it because it was both cute and sturdy at the same time. It has really good binding and an elastic green band to whole the pages close. Reasonably light and compact. I added some stickers for the scrapbook look and feel.  

Front and Back View

Monthly Calendar Page

Is a free style planner. You can use them to write down or plan short-term projects what. The months has to be ticked or highlighted  and you can write in the dates based on preference.

Bank pages to doodle or writing down ideas on the go

Blank blue pages like a divider for categories or putting up inspirational quotes & pictures.
I love everything about this planner, you will love it if you like to add decoration and jazz up the looks both internally & externally.For me I am going to keep it like a scarp booking journal, note to self : Do not  overload the planner with random sticky notes and pictures.

Planner # 2 / # 4 - Personal Journal / Work Journal

This is a simple not book like planner that you can carry it with you to work or school. It has monthly calendar pages and simple ruler-ed pages for notes. I bought the exact same planner for both work and personal use. Pink lacy one for personal use and the plain fabric planner  - Planner #3 is for work. They were RM 5.30 each from Diaso Taiping. Din't see them in any of their Penang / Bukit Mertajam Outlets.

 Monthly Planner View

Notes Page

Fabric Diary Planner # 4

Planner # 3 : To-Dos Journal

I have a lot to talk about this planner. It was a gift, stay tuned for more details...........

My Christmas Story : This Week's Nails

This week I tried on some new shades that I got from both Elainto and DNS. I went for a blue and glittery look for the second week. 

This you will need for this look are as above, feel free to mix n match colours as you like.

Blue Christmas Tree with Sliver Lines and Star
Added Golden Treasure Glitter over Blue 
Topped it of with Gel Look Top Coat.

Holiday Gifting Ideas

It can be really a challenging ordeal to get the best yet cost effective gifts for your friends and family during this holiday season. December is the time of year that I spend and splurge not only for myself but for my family and friends as well. December also happens to be my anniversary month and I love getting my man double gifts to amp up the “Decemberness” of my life.

When you are shopping for gifts and having a really tight budget, always pick gifts that are meaningful for whom ever you are gifting. Nothing is considered cheap when it comes from your heart and is really meaningful to the recipient.  As for me my gift range is as low as RM 5 and could reach up to RM300 tops.

So, as I am busy preparing for the gift exchange sessions, I thought of sharing with you guys some of the gifts that I have bought so far and am still accumulating. Let’s start off with the cute gift:

I love this little bottle, it is suitable for both male or female. The cozy sleeve comes in 4 colors and design. Got this from Ceria 99 which is at the ground floor of Mega Mall Penang. I picked a gender neutral color so that I can gift it to anyone of my friends or family members.

The next gift is for all you bling junkies out there, I got this beauties at an accessory shop in Bukit Jambul Complex Penang. They were on sale – 3 for RM 10.00 it was a sweet deal, "glamed" it up in a cute jewelry box that I already had at home. 

I always buy makeup as Christmas gifts for me, myself and I and for everyone I am gifting. I really believe that makeup is one weapon every person should have, wear and carry along at all times. You may never know when a lip balm or the bright siren red lipstick may come in handy. So I got these 6 lovely lipsticks from Wet and Wild; 5 of them were only RM 12.90 each the 6th one is RM 20.00. Got them at SaSa. Haven’t packed them yet.

The second batch of lipsticks that I got is my very own gift to myself the NYX Matte Lipsticks. I just fell in love with these babies the moment I saw them at Sephora, they were RM 55.00 for a box of 3 gorgeous lipsticks.

Last but not least I have 2 more gifts to show you guys, the first one is from Watsons a lovely box full of hand cream. They come in a good and descent size that you can give them as a set or individually. The best part is they were supper inexpensive 2 boxes for RM 30.00. I'm not kidding....

No I am not kidding, I ended up getting 2 sets. tested all of them they smell amazing. The first one and the third one is very subtle/mild. My fav is the middle one it smell so yummy - Palm Tree Vanilla.

This is a yearly staple, I always get face products for my mom and aunts every year. Mary Kay has become my family's fav and it is safe to say that there is no turning back or second thoughts when it comes to repurchasing these babies....they range from RM 75.00 - RM 79.00 in price. Is worth every cent.

So my loves, do check these cools goodies up, they are pretty affordable and meaningful. Gifting should always begin from the heart and is not what you give is important is the thought that matters the most. Stay happy and shop smartly.

Let's Catch Up - Reminisces of 2015 (Part 1)

2015 was and is still a fabulous year for me. I have hit many cool milestones this year and will love to keep the motivation going for year 2016. I moved up my career ladder by moving out of my comfort zone “INTEL”. Apparently life can still go on after a big jump…lol. I love my new job, the people I work with and the opportunities I get here. Hoping for more and more enjoyable moments at Penchem Technologies Sdn. Bhd. in year 2016.

This year I have learned to paint my nails well and all thanks to a dear friend & a sister Ester Kaur. She is a nail junkie and she collects nails polish. She has tons of nail polishes and has influenced me to get more now. Well is a talent I am sure proud I enhanced, I used to only do my toe nails and now my finger nails looks just as dolled up and done as the toe nails.  We now do weekly nail art challenge and keen in learning and exploring more nail art techniques.

In my next post I will show you how I have gone from just a few bottles of nail polishes to now a collection which fits well in three medium sized storage boxes.

Stay Tuned :)

Shade Me Red

Red has always been my favorite shade that I would without guilt wear it on my nails all the time. It is such a versatile shade that you can go full blow with the artwork or is just great on its own. It brings out the glamour in every lady. 

That’s what I think…anyways I love wearing red nails in December because it just brings out so much of the holiday and Christmas feel. 

So for this month I will be doing many more looks with the shade red. I added a little mosaic glitter on my nails, they were from Ciate’s Mosaic edition….and every time I look at it, it reminds me of all the sparkle any celebration would have. 

Elianto Gel Nails - Ultra Gel Series in the shade Red Hot Chili Pepper

Enjoy the holidays and stay safe my loves. 

Glitter Pic :

PSMB Certified Trainer I Am

With every ounce  of excitement in my body, I am proud to announce that I am a PSMB/HRD Certified Trainer. A celebration is in due, now...How shall I reward myself? A nice treat of Hagen Daz is something I well deserve and of course I will exercise caution prior,while and after consumption.

Sealing a deal with something sweet is defiantly my way of cherishing a dream come true. Thanks to my current employer I am now a certified trainer. Along the way of being a workplace trainer, I came to realize that certification is also needed to qualify ones training competencies apart from experience.

 It was the best 5 days of my life for this quarter.  The journey in becoming a certified trainer was nothing but pure hard work, idea generation, sharing of experiences and was all about having fun. I met executives from various backgrounds and industries We are now one big happy family of trainers, awaiting to star/embark our journey as Trainers.

The course is known as Train the Trainer  - Certification in Training by PSMB/HRD and the training was conducted by IRS Training ( This 5 day journey was very pleasantly facilitated by Mr.Alex Wong, the one in the Pink Shirt below. The course was pretty intense as we had to learn not only the "mojos" of being a competent trainer but also tools and theories involved in being one.

Being a trainer in not limited to knowing your audiences, building a comprehensive course structure and reinforcing the learning. It is knowing, understanding and being competent in understanding an organization's structure, training and non-training skill/competencies gaps and providing customized solution to cater dynamic business needs.

I have said a whole mouthful of words, do you now get the picture folks? When I say it was "INTENSE" you just got to take my words for it...... the intensity did not stop there, we had series of assignments aligned carefully after every module. The hand writing was put to test and boy, did I hate my own writing....I sure did, they were hideous beyond imaginary. Yet another participant wanted to copy down my notes.

Here is us being serious.....
One for the Album.....All Smiles
From Left Standing: Ramesh, Wazir, Teoh, Farizan, Maslinda, Me, Ooi@Ocean, Azahar, Law & Wong
From Left Seating: Shafiq, Darma, Alex Wong & Rudy Sim

My favorite part of the learning was all the knowledge and experience sharing from these beautiful team of executives and not forgetting our dear trainer too.

I am now well aware of the sectors or shall I say the areas that organizations/industries like Banking, IT, Manufacturing and Sales put their focus on.

Well, If you have the time to read a little bit more, proceed to the link below: 
These are 2 blogs that nurtures open learning; where you get to learn at your own pace for free.
Is one way of giving back to the community, I feel we will be needing more blogs like this :)

How to be an Engaging Leader by Sir Alex Wong:

Open Learning - Experience Online Learning the Social Way

Enjoy reading :)

Week 1 of Stir Fry Goodness

When you have a full time job, 5 doggies, a huge casa, 1 husband (lol) and health to take care; all you want to do is stir and fry your meals and gobble.

Yes you heard me right, stir-fry! I have been making lovely stir fry lunches for myself for the past 3 days. They taste amazing, keeps overnight and it is so easy to make. All you got to do is chop, drop, stir and serve.

Here are some of pictures from my stir-fry kitchen :)

#foodjournal #day1
Stir-fried chicken with shittake mushrooms and veges

I picked red and green bell pepper and some sugar peas for this dish.

They require lesser cooking time and is packed with nutrients.

Best is they are vibrant in colour.

#foodjournal #day2
Stir-fried glass noodles with garlic hot dogs and veges

 #foodjournal #day3
Stir-fried tofu with veges

Motivated March

Is the 3rd month of year 2015 and I am still on track with healthy eating and being fit and fabulous. Marking the beginning of this week with my weekly meal prep.

I have made hummus,  first attempt and happy with the out come. The nuttiness of the chickpeas and garlic and the tartness from the lemon juice and sour cream is just amazing. It is a mouthful of goodness. Trust me when I really good.

The Recipe :

1 cup of hummus - boiled till soft
1 spoonful of lemon juice ( I eye balled it in )
2 spoonful of sour cream
2 cloves of garlic
salt and pepper to taste and some oilve oil 

Drain and set the boiled chickpeas to cool then blend it with all the ingredients. Is really a foolproof recipe. There are many ways to make a flavor filled hummus, some adds cumin for a really earthy flavor, some recipes require chicken stock to season the hummus. I think hummus can be boiled in chicken stock instead.  Try it, can be served as a healthy alternative for those high calorie dips and spreads.

The prep did not stop there, I cleaned, marinated and portioned out chicken breast meat. Bought the meat at Tesco, removed the skin and marinated it with stake powder and olive oil. 

This will go well with anything under the sun. Just top up with grilled, charred or steamed vegetables of your choice and is good to go.You can pan roast, grill or bake this marinated chicken cubes. 

Portioning and freezing the marinated meat will help you cook just what you need for each meal.

The verdict :  One day's worth of hassle for a week of healthy meals. 

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