PSMB Certified Trainer I Am

With every ounce  of excitement in my body, I am proud to announce that I am a PSMB/HRD Certified Trainer. A celebration is in due, now...How shall I reward myself? A nice treat of Hagen Daz is something I well deserve and of course I will exercise caution prior,while and after consumption.

Sealing a deal with something sweet is defiantly my way of cherishing a dream come true. Thanks to my current employer I am now a certified trainer. Along the way of being a workplace trainer, I came to realize that certification is also needed to qualify ones training competencies apart from experience.

 It was the best 5 days of my life for this quarter.  The journey in becoming a certified trainer was nothing but pure hard work, idea generation, sharing of experiences and was all about having fun. I met executives from various backgrounds and industries We are now one big happy family of trainers, awaiting to star/embark our journey as Trainers.

The course is known as Train the Trainer  - Certification in Training by PSMB/HRD and the training was conducted by IRS Training ( This 5 day journey was very pleasantly facilitated by Mr.Alex Wong, the one in the Pink Shirt below. The course was pretty intense as we had to learn not only the "mojos" of being a competent trainer but also tools and theories involved in being one.

Being a trainer in not limited to knowing your audiences, building a comprehensive course structure and reinforcing the learning. It is knowing, understanding and being competent in understanding an organization's structure, training and non-training skill/competencies gaps and providing customized solution to cater dynamic business needs.

I have said a whole mouthful of words, do you now get the picture folks? When I say it was "INTENSE" you just got to take my words for it...... the intensity did not stop there, we had series of assignments aligned carefully after every module. The hand writing was put to test and boy, did I hate my own writing....I sure did, they were hideous beyond imaginary. Yet another participant wanted to copy down my notes.

Here is us being serious.....
One for the Album.....All Smiles
From Left Standing: Ramesh, Wazir, Teoh, Farizan, Maslinda, Me, Ooi@Ocean, Azahar, Law & Wong
From Left Seating: Shafiq, Darma, Alex Wong & Rudy Sim

My favorite part of the learning was all the knowledge and experience sharing from these beautiful team of executives and not forgetting our dear trainer too.

I am now well aware of the sectors or shall I say the areas that organizations/industries like Banking, IT, Manufacturing and Sales put their focus on.

Well, If you have the time to read a little bit more, proceed to the link below: 
These are 2 blogs that nurtures open learning; where you get to learn at your own pace for free.
Is one way of giving back to the community, I feel we will be needing more blogs like this :)

How to be an Engaging Leader by Sir Alex Wong:

Open Learning - Experience Online Learning the Social Way

Enjoy reading :)
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