Happy New Year

The wordings are the results of my new year greetings search. Unfortunately, I did not save the link of the source. So here I am declaring that these wordings are not mine it is a result of my search in google. Thank you to the one creative mind who crafted it...I am loving it!

Another year has just begun, hoping for nothing but the best for this year. That will be great isn't it? Well, whatever  is meant to happen will happen and I will just have to except and embrace the events of my life. Well, with everything said and done… I would like to share with you guys the outlook of twenty sixteen for me.

There will be some major transitions happening and I am so excited about it. I fore see some career changes this year, My dear hubby just bid a rather sad farewell to Intel, his first career for the past 7 years. He is now looking into getting a job in a different company. He needs a change he says, I well agree with that.  I choose to be supportive and accept his choices. Hopefully all ends well with that.

The most exciting transition that we are going to embrace is being parents. This year we are playing the role of foster parents for a 13 year old teen. Daughter of my cousin sister, she needs all the support and care as she is moving on the ladder in her Education. There is a whole lot of story to share with you guys form where is coming from.

Last but not least, I am going to venture into the YouTube world. I have mixed feeling about this, fear of rejection and excited about proving myself. The channel should be up and running by end of quarter 3 - twenty sixteen. Let's see how it goes.  

Before I forget, my blog has a fresh makeover. Hope the template and color changes makes you happy. I am loving everything about it. New year brings change and change is good...it give us an opportunity to explore new things/elements. Hope you guys embrace change just a much as I do ...remember enjoy every opportunity you get and stay happy folks. 
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