The Before & After - Spring Cleaning & Organizing

The spring cleaning is finally hitting the due date. I don’t know what I have been doing lately but I have certainly overlooked up keeping and tiding my household. Poor dear hubby who is very very tolerant at this moment. I guess I better not take him and his tolerance for a ride.

I have been religiously making some changes to the way I look and dress . It is my personal mission to keep myself presentable, groomed and kempt at all times. Unfortunately I have been overlooking the fact that: not onnly me but my surrounding has just got to look as good as me.

The space that needed the most attention is my getting ready area.  Is not easy to pay attention to the face and place at a given moment. The time is not forgiving and if the face & hair takes too long, everything else gets either stalled or sometimes unattended the whole week.


Well, after long planning and scheming and reading and watching videos on YouTube on organizing and keeping it that way, I have decided to do a 30 minutes clean up daily. Is best if you can come up with a plan to constantly maintain the cleanliness and tidy up areas/space in your home daily.

If your schedule is not pack and you have the sudden determination to keep the casa cleaning like me focus on 1 or 2 areas a day.  As for me I want both the levels in my house to stay tidy and clean.

Firstly, I have listed down the areas in my home that needs constant up keeping.

The living room
The dining area
All 3 bathrooms
The study
The bedroom/Dresser

As soon as I get home, after a good 20 minutes of Zumba I get down with the cleaning business before hitting the shower. To my surprise, I must say…there are so many things that can be kept away and organized in 30 minutes. I can even do the laundry in 30 minutes now.


Soon I am going to invest in good storage for make-up and other cosmetics.

The results  :  A tidy home and a happy husband.
                     Everything now has it's own space 

For more ideas and a whole new take/inspiration on staying organized visit :

Monthly Favourite - April

Hello ladies, how have you guys been doing? I have been busy working, shopping and on-line shopping.
I found some on-line sellers who happen to sell plus sized clothing on Facebook. I got a couple of leggings and half dresses from them, 2 to be exact. I will be doing a collective haul post in a few days and share the seller and product details with that post.

Well I manage to gather up some items/ products that I have been loving in April. They are couple of 

hair stuff, fragrances, make-up ( must haves ) and a book. 

From Left to Right :

RS Haircare Hair Spray - Strong hold

L'oreal Professional Elnett Satin Hair Spray

Aurasis Professional Hair Therapy Leave-in-spray

Nivea Men Anti-antiperspirant 48h body spray

Avon Sweet Honesty Cologne Spray (50ml)

Avon Simply Pretty - Shiny Liquid Lip gloss Sparkles in Crimson Sparkles

MAC Turquatic Perfume

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balm in 001 Honey Douce

Sephora Moyen Medium 2 Bronzing Powder

Kate Gradical Eyes in BR -1

Maybeline Volum' Express Hyper Curl - Very Black Mascara

NYX Lip Liner Pencil in 808 Deep Purple 

Tesco Loves Baby Fresh Fragrance Free baby wipes 

The Law of Attraction Book by Michael J. Losier

 I will share with you a healthy dose of review and swatches in my next post stay tuned.

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