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As the post's title suggest, I have been home from 22 July 2014 till to date. Is not me enjoying my time off while I take up my new job. I was attacked by a nasty bug that kept me running back and forth from home to clinic and later to the hospital with a nasty high fever.

With the fever comes admission, with the admission comes the pricking and extraction of blood to run all possible test to identify the culprit. Guess what all the blood works look clear and praise the lord not malicious virus residing in my system but defiantly  a curse bug that ran me down.

I lost 5 kilos people in 2 weeks plus…wait a minute 3 weeks now. Expected isn't it? Fever, low BP, vomiting and diarrhea….and now the body pain is unbearable.  Well  told myself, this cannot go on. I Decided to take the first step coming out of this " I am sick" mode. I started putting some pressure on my back bone, sitting to do my reading rather than lying like a spineless worm.

My dear beloved friend, Welma Laanda ( the teacher ) gave me a book as my birthday present and just in time to keep me company throughout my loneliness of being sick. The book is called Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin. This is her second book. I am currently reading chapter 2. Possession she calls it. Well it has now given me a whole new meaning to the word possession. It is not really the number or the types of things we have, is finding and understanding the meaning of your possession that matters.

I am now inspired to live my life in my home to the fullest.  I want to make use of all the scape that my home has to offer me. I love cooking, surprisingly I haven't cooked much in the beautiful kitchen of mine. I asked myself, why is that? What had the kitchen not provided me, well I designed it with my husband didn't I. I have peer thru shelf to shelf finding the greater meaning that my kitchen has to offer me.

The passion was once again rekindled. I cooked a lovely dinner. Hubby enjoyed every bit of the meal. He kept saying it is so good. Nothing beats a home cooked meal. I cooked "Nasi Lemak"  Malaysian's soul food I would say. Every household will sure to have their secret recipe or a hand me down family recipe. Mine was from my two favorite auntie's recipes. I picked Valli Chellem's prawn recipe and Ms.Vellu's rice recipe and my signature 8 min boiled egg. Cooked and served with love.

 I'm back in business. Slowly but surely fighting the bug my way with a little help (motivation) from the book and myself. Thank you Welma for this motivating book. See what chapter 2 has done to me. Stay blessed people. 

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