Diva on Diet - Twenty Sixteen Version

When it comes to eating right and "semi-clean" I like to have more salads, meaty and soupy dishes as part of my meal.  My mum and best friend are bent on seeing me loose those pounds that I have gained generously over the past months,  so both of them have decided to motivate in every way possible and the pretext to that is " be cruel to be kind" as my mum always says it.

Today I am going to be making baked meat loaf and will be serving it with fresh salads for dinner, will pack the leftovers for lunch tomorrow.  I have discovered a cool page on weight loss that provides  tips, meal & workout plans that seem to be easy to follow and so far I am loving it. The page I am referring to is http://celebrityslim.com.au/

It is pretty much the same like any other weight loss related websites, they make you key in the ugly truth about your current weight and target weight and yada yada, you will be given your own dashboard to monitor your progress and pick the type of transformation that you are looking for.

I picked out the total body transformation program, it is meant for people who wants to loss like serious amount of weight within a healthy time frame. There are many meal replacements and supplements to take. I have not bought any at the moment as I am determined to finish my existing weight loss/meal replacement shakes that I have gotten last year. Here is an overview of my meal plan :

2 main meals & 1 snack is to be replaced with their rapid shake or bar, any foodie will never be able to digest all the shakes and bars on a daily basis. I will not be doing the replacement as given above I will alternate them as I deem fit for my food addiction. Starting sum-where is my mantra at the moment as I have side track a fair and gone a little astray. 

Now let's have take a look at my weekly workout plan: 

I picked out a program under the light fitness category and hope to make my way up gradually. There is a short description for you to view should you want to know on how exactly a particular type of workout is to be done. 

This plan is free and has a well planned structure that is easy to follow. The site also provide recipes for you to follow and eat clean. If you are someone who is in search of a flexible plan than this site will be useful to you.  

Do visit the site and try out the meal  & workout plans if you must. Enjoy!!

The Occasional Shopper Who Shops Every Occasion

Well, not really occasional...is more like every occasion - "occasional". I feel very very happy receiving packages via mail, It feels like Christmas. I like to share with you guys my experience shopping with Lazada Malaysia. Yes, I am no longer a "Lazada Virgin" I planned to purchase a few things from Lazada for more than a year now but, I never really did it.  I was busy speculating and speculating until my manager bought her second mobile phone via Lazada.

Finally I made up my mind and ordered the 3 items below :

The site was super user friendly and the payment methods/options provided was easy too. All in all is a 5 Star on-line store for me. 

Now for the status update; 2 out of the 3 items that I purchased was not and to date is still at the processing stage but I received my second shipment today. It did meet the stipulated standard delivery time frame. I have only been able to track the details for shipment #3 as of now. Let's see if I magically receive another parcel by 5 pm today. (#keepingfingerscross)

Now for the product review of shipment #2 - 15 Colour Concealer Camouflage Makeup Palette and 10pcs Makeup Brush Kit for Cosmetic Gold-Black....I am too tired of typing, let me sippy sippy my Pop Orange Soda...

This is how my package was received, all items were in good condition.

Here are the close-ups of the brushes, I really love the bigger brushes as it feel so dense and soft at the same time. It adheres makeup well and gives a good post application outcome/finish. The dome shaped brush is perfect for applying contour powders and creams.

The only down side of these brushes are the chemical like smell and powder debris on the brush upon flicking them. Besides that, is more than what I actually bargained for. It is way way more than what I was expecting.

If you have sensitive skin like mine, I would suggest you to wash them first with mild shampoo and luke warm water. Pat the brush dry and shape them up when you are removing the excess water from the bristles. Is kind glam for synthetic brushes.

Stay tuned for the face kit review.
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