Slurpy Soup - Dinner Ideas

Since I have become a fitness enthusiast of recent, I have been searching for food and recipes that can help with weight loss. First I found the goodness of chickpeas and now cabbage. 

Cabbage have been used in many weight loss programs and detox. I on the other hand don't want something so drastic, I want this to be a journey, being able to cook and serve healthy food for my family and myself of course is my main aim.

I am rather fascinated how will power and our human mind can change a person. It is no denial that if you put your heart and soul into it you can do it. I am finding different cooking method and food types to spice up things thru out this journey.

This week, Week 3...I am going to replace dinner with soup as oppose to the mundane bread and spaghetti. The star of my soup recipes will of course be Cabbage and I will be making my own combination of vege and meat to go with it.

Last night I made this delicious Cabbage Soup with Fish balls and Vege. Topped it with fried onions to add some flavor. I did not make chicken broth, I just used the instant Knor's Chicken Cubes for flavoring and added a teaspoon of spice is specially for soup. Notice the colour of the soup is not clear, that is because of the spice mix.

I also added some leftover chickpeas for protein instead of eggs, 1 potato for a little bulk and some combinations of vegetables like bitter gourd, carrots  and bottle gourd, onions and garlic was sauteed with the vegetables add some flavor.

Going Wild with Hummus

Eating healthy means minimal carb and more protein. Chickpeas or also know as Hummus are rich in protein. I am a big fan of chickpeas from a very very young age. It is also a common ingredient of my authentic Indian dietary. I am not too sure if there are many types of Chickpeas but I am sure of 2 types; black one and white one. Apart from being a high source of protein it will also fill you up and not make you full. So I have been including them in my diet now.

For lunch today, I made Stir-fried chickpeas with eggs and vege. I choose the good old red capsicum and cucumber for this recipe.

Doesn't it look healthy and yummy. It sure tasted good. Let's move on to the recipe.

You will need :

2 types of chickpeas
red capsicum
2 small eggs
1 teaspoon  ghee
salt and pepper for seasoning

Preparing the Chickpeas :

Soak Chickpeas in water for more than 6 hours, I prefer overnight soaking,
Then, rinse it off the water, place it in a steamer for 1 hour.
If you don't have a steamer you can boil them too.


Add 1 teaspoon of ghee in a hot pan, add in some garlic and saute till the garlic is partially cooked.
Next, add the vegetables to it and stir. 
Add in some salt and pepper and cook the vege for about 2 minutes.
Next, add in the steamed chickpeas and stir occasionally for about 3 minutes or so.....
Lastly, add in 2 eggs in the center of the pan...once the eggs starts to set a little, stir it up with the rest of the mixture of chickpeas and vege.
Give it a couple of minutes to cook then is good to be eaten...Best eat it warm, goes well with warps and bread.

Happy cooking everyone.

Real Food - Homemade Chicken Burger

Hey dolls,

It's me again, my journey to being fit and fabulous and project happiness are going positive. In fact, it complements each other...I am using my dear kitchen to the fullest and eating healthy. Is not all eating clean yet, is just that I have been pretty exposed to beautiful flavors and taste that the eating clean part will be a rather long process to achieve. Eat healthy is much compatible with me. Well after much debating about sinking my teeth into some real meat, a real woman got to eat real meat instead of heading to some fast food outlets and grabbing the one thing I dread, burgers....hmm...hmmm....I made my very first chicken burger, that's right Chicken Burger.

I did not follow any recipes from the net, I made them will all my love to my body and of course my belly. So here is the end product... :) 

Chicken Burger with sauteed  Tomatoes & Sugar Peas

The Recipe as follow :

1. Chicken breast, skinless and cubed.
2. Red onions
3. A pinch of corn flour, salt and pepper
4. Olive oil - 1 teaspoon


1.Combine all ingredients into a food processor and mince till it forms like a smooth paste.
2.Shape them into medium sized ball, then flatten it out, don't make it too thin...just nice.
3.Let is take shape and sit for 5 min before cooking it.

The Patty
Here is how my Instagram profile looks like (below) :) Filled with food....I am a very very hungry :) It is nice that there are these things like blog, instagram and facebook to reflect our journey, what ever it could be.

There is no other joy like cooking your daily meal and keeping the kitchen clean....good luck to all who are going thru this journey.....stay strong love....owh yeah, before I forget....I will be sharing the 2 week progress with you guys tomorrow...stay tuned folks....Do follow me on Instagram @lakshmi86. Stay Big, Fit and Fabulous ladies.

The 2nd Week Progress

Hello love,

Yeah, is mid week of 2nd week. I am much in line with the lifestyle changes. Carvings are there, but I am coping with it.  Before I go on with how or what I felt till to date of dieting, let me share with you the recipe of a healthy dish.

No denying, it is not easy to do it everyday....feels like I'm paying back for all the wrong doings that I have done to myself. I am keeping strong and focused.

Okay, let's see...I did this beautiful Chickpeas Salad with some Greens for one of my lunches.

Ingredients :

1. Chickpeas
2. Dried Chilies
3. Chopped Garlic
4. Yellow California Raisins or Any Raisin of your choice
5. Greens of your choice, I had Broccoli & Sugar Peas
6. Medium sized sweet potato 
7. Some Ghee Butter
8. Olive Oil
9. Pepper and Salt for seasoning


1.Soak chickpeas overnight, you may leave it outside or refrigerate the peas.
   - Basically you should soak them for more than 6 hours 
3. Steam the overnight peas for about 30 - 40 minutes 
2 .In a pot, bring water to boil and drop in the sweet potato, then repeat the step and boil the greens 
3. Set them aside to cool, In a pan drizzle some olive oil and saute garlic till they are a little brown 
    and hard on the outside, just like oil roasting it.
4. Set aside, Finally add about 1 tablespoon of Ghee Butter onto pan, add dried chilies,the
    steamed chickpeas and raisins, saute it for about 3 minutes
5. Add in the garlic and olive oil that you set aside earlier, saute another 3 minutes then add the 
    greens, salt and pepper and give it a quick stir and turn of the heat.
6. In a separate bowl, place the boiled sweet potato at the base ( you can cube them or mash them up)
7. Pour the peas and greens over it and gobble .... :)

If you don't have a steamer you can also boil the chickpeas as an alternative. Feel free to experiment with different beans and peas of your choice. Ghee butter will add a very nice fragrance to this simple dish. 

As far as my feelings of the change, I am glad that I am doing it. I do get hungry and when I do I eat more Veg like raw carrots and cucumbers, boiled peas, hard boiled eggs and broccoli.

I have increased my water intake to 2 liters this week. As far as beverages go I've had to mugs of instant coffee ( I know is bad!!) I don't want to curb them completely at the moment.Baby steps, it's a process.

I am also taking honey lemon water as often as 3 times a day. The only thing I am feeling right now or I rather say the side effects after I started this diet are frequent headaches. I get them at mid morning and after lunch...don't know what is causing them.

I also read over the net that Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is also good for fat burning .... honestly I add them when I remember. I must say, this week is a better one. If any of you who want a lifestyle change to happen, just do it...don't even think about the will manifest if you have made up your mind.

Will be sharing more details of my journey, diet and workout plans. Stay Big, Fit and Fabulous me Ladies.

Dear Me, Do you love you? Cause I LOVE YOU

This blog post is a tribute to myself. I have made my mind up to change my lifestyle into a get fit and fabulous one. I've done this so may times. It never worked out I would be gamed for a couple of days then I would go back to doing what I did wrong over and over again.

I just got so emotional while listening to Colbie Caillat's Try and sobbed and sobbed looking at all the things that I have done wrong to none other but myself. I knew it was "the time" to make the call. I told myself I can't go on like this anymore.

Weight loss was always my every other year's new year resolution. Unfortunately, that is the one goal/resolution that I've never fact I was too complacent to even think about it. So as I was doing some refection on myself, where I am today....there was this big emptiness in my life and that was me being FAT yes I said it FAT. 

I know I am a preacher of  "Wear it with Confidence" but it was not enough. I din't love my body cause if I had it wouldn't be so bad and there was no confidence to what ever I did. So I decided that I needed to do it not next year, not tomorrow but TODAY. I had to take action now. I am so sick of not doing it, so I called up a friend, her name is Ms.Harwin and asked her if she wanted to loose some weight or perhaps have a healthy lifestyle change before year end and she was like yeah sure. So what do you want to do?

So we wanted to make 3 changes to our lifestyle:

1.Eat Healthy
2..Work Out
3...Love Yourself

For me, my struggle was the first change, I just love food man....I mean is food that you are talking about...well, you got to loose something to get something.

So peered thru #Instagram & #Pintrest looking for great meal ideas, made a list of stuff I needed and yeah, came back with this : 

Just like that , I started to do meal preps and breakfast...but I have to be honest...I did not do meal prep for dinners and waited on my husband's taste buds and craving...I ate unhealthy food again for dinners..which I compensated by working out extra had....I was so guilty that I woke up at 12 mid night and started doing sit ups and crunches like a mad cow.

So lesson learned, do meal prep for all meals.
Note to self : Ignore dear huband's cooking and cravings and taste buds leading to the wrong selection of food.

My friend was a great disciplinarian, she was did no I am looking up at her courage and building mine.

Next Sunday 14th of December will be our 2 week weigh in, measurement reveal and picture sharing of a 2 week before and after...excited to make the change and nervous cause I screwed up the first week...but well is fine...I am at week 2....I have not came this far in any of my diets. Stay tuned for my meal prep ideas and recipes. God bless all :) Stay Big, Fit and Fabulous.

Happy New Year or Happy New Everyday

Y'14 is coming to an end in 1 month's time.I am starting my Y'15 resolution early this year. Why wait for a new year for everyday is a new beginning, a gift. 

I wish to share my reviews on self-grooming and beauty related products. I am dedicating this reviews to the many me(s) out there...I use to have trouble finding the right things to make me look presentable many times in my life and I have decide to change someone's life with my review.

Yes I will be doing reviews on my Mary Kay products, I am not being biased, I am just trying out new things. It will be my honest review good or bad, the truth will be shared. 

Speaking about celebrating each and everyday - an opportunity given to us daily to make today better than yesterday...well why not harvest it today that is the main thing that keeps playing in my mind. My new motto for tomorrow is:


Day 1 - 1st Dec 2014

The beginning of another new day...awesome! There are couple of things that I set out for myself today, in fact they a habit forming activities.

#1st : Expressing Gratitude 

I will express my gratitude to the universe for all the blessings I have received daily.

#2nd : Writing/Blogging/Reviews & Sharing 

I will blog every opportunity I get.

#3 rd : Love & Treat Myself with Love

I will workout and eat healthy daily

#4th : Mi Casa es Mi Casa
I will keep cleaning going daily

There is no hoping on others when it comes to settings things right in your own life. This year I have done/accomplished many little goals, lost and gained friends, got myself a brand new career and I know I will be able to accomplish many more if I do it my way.

Hope your goals are heading the right way too. remember you are master of your own journey.I you are not there yet, you will definitely find a way to get there; stronger and harder than  ever.

Credits: Icons/Vectors

Happier @ Home

As the post's title suggest, I have been home from 22 July 2014 till to date. Is not me enjoying my time off while I take up my new job. I was attacked by a nasty bug that kept me running back and forth from home to clinic and later to the hospital with a nasty high fever.

With the fever comes admission, with the admission comes the pricking and extraction of blood to run all possible test to identify the culprit. Guess what all the blood works look clear and praise the lord not malicious virus residing in my system but defiantly  a curse bug that ran me down.

I lost 5 kilos people in 2 weeks plus…wait a minute 3 weeks now. Expected isn't it? Fever, low BP, vomiting and diarrhea….and now the body pain is unbearable.  Well  told myself, this cannot go on. I Decided to take the first step coming out of this " I am sick" mode. I started putting some pressure on my back bone, sitting to do my reading rather than lying like a spineless worm.

My dear beloved friend, Welma Laanda ( the teacher ) gave me a book as my birthday present and just in time to keep me company throughout my loneliness of being sick. The book is called Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin. This is her second book. I am currently reading chapter 2. Possession she calls it. Well it has now given me a whole new meaning to the word possession. It is not really the number or the types of things we have, is finding and understanding the meaning of your possession that matters.

I am now inspired to live my life in my home to the fullest.  I want to make use of all the scape that my home has to offer me. I love cooking, surprisingly I haven't cooked much in the beautiful kitchen of mine. I asked myself, why is that? What had the kitchen not provided me, well I designed it with my husband didn't I. I have peer thru shelf to shelf finding the greater meaning that my kitchen has to offer me.

The passion was once again rekindled. I cooked a lovely dinner. Hubby enjoyed every bit of the meal. He kept saying it is so good. Nothing beats a home cooked meal. I cooked "Nasi Lemak"  Malaysian's soul food I would say. Every household will sure to have their secret recipe or a hand me down family recipe. Mine was from my two favorite auntie's recipes. I picked Valli Chellem's prawn recipe and Ms.Vellu's rice recipe and my signature 8 min boiled egg. Cooked and served with love.

 I'm back in business. Slowly but surely fighting the bug my way with a little help (motivation) from the book and myself. Thank you Welma for this motivating book. See what chapter 2 has done to me. Stay blessed people. 

Updates and More Updates

Hello all,

How have you guys been? I have been doing great, Firstly I must confess playing the dual role of a training consultant by day and beauty consultant by night is tiring in a fun way. I have been living this dual life for almost two months now. I am long due for my blog posts. I have so many things that I want to share with you guys.

Let's see, well the most exciting news is that I have finally built up courage to resign and seek for opportunity away from my comfort zone. My present company has been a substantial platform that has grown me into this corporate compatible individual. I thank my past life-changing events at Intel for who I am today. But I just had to let it go and move on. Yes I have gotten a new job, something that I have been debating and contemplating of doing for the past 7 months. Following the footsteps of my dear friend and an inspiration of my life Ms.Welma Laanda. She is a living proof that you are more than complete when you turn your passion into your career. So I did. I have accepted this job as an HR Executive Level 2. Yay, a golden opportunity to deepen my career curve once again into HR. Well that puts things in greater perspective now. 

Okay, the second news that I would like to share is.... finally I get to be a beauty consultant ( by night ) at the moment. I am now an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay. Yes you heard is right the "Mary Kay". Cool right? Well it is for me. I'm sure you guys are aware that I was obsessed with the skin care products. They are just amazing!!

So being me, I have shared the goodness for these products to my friends and family. They have ordered a couple of things and it has brought success to my blooming business. 

My 3 weeks with Mary Kay Outcome :

Well I am very happy with the outcome of the products. Noticeable changes within 3 weeks.
Here are some shots on the products and swatches. I will do a full review and a collective haul soon.

From left: #Timewise Night Solution, Eye Firming Cream & Age Fighting Moisturizer 

My latest Obsession

I am now obsessed with Time-wise Miracle skin care products. I innocently started with a single tube of moisturizer and have conveniently eased my way up into purchasing the Night Solution Serum and "The Bomb" 3-in-one cleanser. 

From Left :  Timewise Night Solution,  Timewise Moisturizer and TImewise 3-in-1 cleanser for Normal to Dry Skin.

I am just loving these skin care products  and it has given me a great deal of improvement within the first week. I found out that it has given significant anti-ageing effects on skin if used continuously for 12 weeks.

Let's put the product to test. Stay tuned for weekly face-improvement pictures.

Mary Kay Product Review

Hello all, I am back with a one brand product review. Recently I was approached by a dear friend who is a beauty advisor to try out and write reviews on some Mary Kay products.
The first thing that I felt was, What? Is my age really making it's way onto my face? I have heard about  this brand and it was once upon a time introduced to my mother. Gosh, It killed me to quickly fake a smile and acknowledging my friend as she was talking.

So me being me - the impulsive buyer, I agreed and to support her placed an order on the rav of youtube & beauty bloggers " Age-fighting moisturizer" from the Timewise series. Since I have made the order, I thought It would be wise to consult my "virtual beauty gurus" via Youtube. The first review that I got a hold of was by Ms.Bailey B. Her reviews are always awesome and she doesn't rattle and ramble. I watched her 60 second review on Mary Kay's matte finish liquid foundation. Then as usual the ritual continued, reviews after reviews and finally I hit the subscribe button of the Mary Kay channel itself. 

Now is time for my review, I received a little box and only to realize that I have not made payment for my order. She is so kind to send the products and said good things must be shared. The dear beauty advisor of my own had sent me not only my "Timewise Moisturizer" but some generous amount of samplings as well.

 Samples : Timewise Series -  Day Solution, Night Solution, 3-in-1 cleanser & the Age Fighting Moisturiser
 2 Full size foundation in Beige 3 and  Ivory 5 (Sadly both the colours don't suite me) - this means share the  goodness to others.

Quick Review  #1: 

 Mary Kay Timewise Age Fighting Moisturiser

Comes in 88ml pink tube with a black opener at the bottom
Has a very smooth texture to it
Easy application and does not create the greyish appearance on the face
 A little goes a long way
Fast absorption but doesn't leave skin feeling dry or stretched
Leaves skin feeling soft and supple.

My ratings :  5 Stars 

I did not apply any make-up over it today. 

Quick Review #2: 

3-in-1 Timewise Cleanser

I love the texture of the cleanser, It has cream like consistency and a little bit of it covers full face cleansing. Upon application and working the cleanser on my wet face, I used Sephora's silicon like face buffer with it.Did not apply over the eye area.Removed it with a warm n wet wash cloth (Face towel).It felt amazing and I have place an order for this, with out even hesitating.I like that it did not leave my skin dry after washing like some of the cleansers do; especially around my t-zone.

My ratings :  5 Stars 

Quick Review #3: 

Matte-wear liquid foundation -  Beige 5

Even if  the colour is not a match it worked well on my skin. It was an instant pore filler and it evened out my skin texture and pores. Blends well and drys fast, can be combined with other foundation.

I din't leave it on long but the coverage was very good, I only used a little product but it covered most of the dark spots and facial hair. I am now curious on what the exact colour match outcome would be like. 

My ratings : 3 Stars 

Thanks to her and her products, I am more than happy to fight ageing with Mary Kay Time Series.

Do check her page out via Facebook : 

 Happy Skin With Ash

The Before & After - Spring Cleaning & Organizing

The spring cleaning is finally hitting the due date. I don’t know what I have been doing lately but I have certainly overlooked up keeping and tiding my household. Poor dear hubby who is very very tolerant at this moment. I guess I better not take him and his tolerance for a ride.

I have been religiously making some changes to the way I look and dress . It is my personal mission to keep myself presentable, groomed and kempt at all times. Unfortunately I have been overlooking the fact that: not onnly me but my surrounding has just got to look as good as me.

The space that needed the most attention is my getting ready area.  Is not easy to pay attention to the face and place at a given moment. The time is not forgiving and if the face & hair takes too long, everything else gets either stalled or sometimes unattended the whole week.


Well, after long planning and scheming and reading and watching videos on YouTube on organizing and keeping it that way, I have decided to do a 30 minutes clean up daily. Is best if you can come up with a plan to constantly maintain the cleanliness and tidy up areas/space in your home daily.

If your schedule is not pack and you have the sudden determination to keep the casa cleaning like me focus on 1 or 2 areas a day.  As for me I want both the levels in my house to stay tidy and clean.

Firstly, I have listed down the areas in my home that needs constant up keeping.

The living room
The dining area
All 3 bathrooms
The study
The bedroom/Dresser

As soon as I get home, after a good 20 minutes of Zumba I get down with the cleaning business before hitting the shower. To my surprise, I must say…there are so many things that can be kept away and organized in 30 minutes. I can even do the laundry in 30 minutes now.


Soon I am going to invest in good storage for make-up and other cosmetics.

The results  :  A tidy home and a happy husband.
                     Everything now has it's own space 

For more ideas and a whole new take/inspiration on staying organized visit :

Monthly Favourite - April

Hello ladies, how have you guys been doing? I have been busy working, shopping and on-line shopping.
I found some on-line sellers who happen to sell plus sized clothing on Facebook. I got a couple of leggings and half dresses from them, 2 to be exact. I will be doing a collective haul post in a few days and share the seller and product details with that post.

Well I manage to gather up some items/ products that I have been loving in April. They are couple of 

hair stuff, fragrances, make-up ( must haves ) and a book. 

From Left to Right :

RS Haircare Hair Spray - Strong hold

L'oreal Professional Elnett Satin Hair Spray

Aurasis Professional Hair Therapy Leave-in-spray

Nivea Men Anti-antiperspirant 48h body spray

Avon Sweet Honesty Cologne Spray (50ml)

Avon Simply Pretty - Shiny Liquid Lip gloss Sparkles in Crimson Sparkles

MAC Turquatic Perfume

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balm in 001 Honey Douce

Sephora Moyen Medium 2 Bronzing Powder

Kate Gradical Eyes in BR -1

Maybeline Volum' Express Hyper Curl - Very Black Mascara

NYX Lip Liner Pencil in 808 Deep Purple 

Tesco Loves Baby Fresh Fragrance Free baby wipes 

The Law of Attraction Book by Michael J. Losier

 I will share with you a healthy dose of review and swatches in my next post stay tuned.

Bad Hair Day - Never Again

This is a hot review...okay a hot hair styling tool review - one that I have been eyeing for a very long time, tool named Spin Styler - The Rotating Iron. It is a dupe version of the "Instyler". 

I have no clue about the tools make or origin but I am just satisfied with the outcome of this product. 

It comes in  a half brush, half rotating barrel design. Can be used to create both straight and curly hair do and almost any kind of flip. Defiantly adds volume to limp hair like mine. 

The Frizz Free Hair

So for the review :

  • The barrel is about an inch in size.
  • Decent length of cord for easy hand movements. 
  • Bulky yes but easy to use and handle. Thank god I have not burned myself yet.
  • It comes with a sectioning comb, can be used as an alternative to a rat tail comb
  • Standard double/two pin plug connector.
  • Quick styling guide & an user manual is provided
  • The heat settings don’t really work or maybe I need to explore the tool a little bit more.
  • Need to have a heat guard or a heat resistant glove for beginners

Packaging :

  • Outer - paper box; Inner -  an egg shell carton like holder that hold the tool

End results of the 2 day trial :
  • Worth the deal, gives me a polished look.
  • Have to redo hair everyday
  • Can be used directly on dampened but not soaking wet hair
  • Gives natural curls/flip and wave to straightened hair 
  • Adds volume to my limp hair

Price :  RM 130 (inclusive of postage)

The verdict : My ratings at the moment 4.5 stars - like to see the look hold longer.

Forever You

Today I want to share a little something about friendship. I have been blessed with few good friends who I constantly go to when I need a pick me up or even a casual Hello. I too have 7 wonders in my life. They are in no particular order and everyone here are special to me in their very own way.

The Punching Bag

He is all I have and knows me in and out. First a friend and then a lover. My dearest hubby Mr. Thillai Manalan

The Mirror

Our friendship was very abrupt and brief but my best reflector. I am who I have become in the past 2 years because of her. My dearest friend Ms. Welma Laanda

The Forever Friend - My Lucky Star

She is someone who I am very much inspired by, it didn't start off smooth and now we are in separable. My dearest Winnie the Stardust Ms. Ashwini . I caught the falling star and kept in my pocket.

The Soul Mate

One who taught me to be me. My inner voice. Brings out the best and worst in me. Ms. Sharon Pamela

The Chicken Soup of My Life

Best in always giving sound advice. My strength and always my support. Ms.Shariffah Sabiah

The Gentle Butterflies

A friend in need is a friend indeed. What is the saying for not one but two lovely friends who I have grown gracefully with. Ms Shuba & Ms.Kamini

Daily Look - Wear it with Confidence

When was the first time you ever got intrigued by make-up? mine was just about fiveish years of age.
I used to remember the waking up to a brightly lit room and the sight of my mother getting ready for work.She had mostly glass bottles and jars lined perfectly framing the light brown dressing table. 

A dark emerald blue glass bowl with all the bobby pins, a brush holder with the most funniest looking spike brush and my favourite part of the dresser; the majestic line of perfume bottles. Among  all the tempting items that I was warned not to play with there was dear mummy. 

She held the lip brush on her right hand and drew the most perfect lips one could desire to have. It was always the crimson red lip colour. I learnt a great deal that brushes were not only to paint on paper but also to paint a perfect canvas - your face. 

Since I have grown to handle make-up well I am constantly exploring products that can make a combination skin tone like mine look more radiant and pretty. I have complied some picture of me before and after picture of me.

Products of Choice :

On Face : 

Sephora Age Defy Moisture Cream SPF 15 Sunscreen " Don't Act Your Age"

Sephora Smoothing Primer
     Oil based but very easy to apply, did not leave skin feeling greasy
     Dried up fast, did not wait long to apply foundation 

Sephora 10 HR wear perfection foundation - Second skin technology in Mat Tan 35 bronze
     Agree with the "second skin" statement, easy application, was able to build and blend the product well

Sephora Bronzing Powder in Moyen Medium 2
      Smooth finish but had to use a lot to set the face.

On Lips :

Philosophy Kiss Me Tonight Moisturising Lip Treatment
NYX Lipliner in 808 Deep Purple

On Eyes :

NYX Extreme Blue SLL 101 Liquid Eye-Liner
      Fine brush applicator, super easy to create a polished line

Revlon Grow Luscious Plumping Masacara  in Blackest Black - Noir Intense
      Made lashes look luscious and defined

Himalaya's Herbal Eye-Definer Kajal 
       Smooth and creamy but did not smudge onto under area

Now for the review:

Make-up was applied at 9 am and removed at 6.30 pm
Lasting power of the overall look I would give it 4 stars
The face needed lost of touch-up as I started oiling up at the T-Zone area
Lips completely washed off after lunch, din take the liner and balm so no touch-ups
Eye make-up lasted thru out, 5 stars 
NYX Eyeliner's colour did not wear off the line did not smudge - it stayed vibrantly blue till I took it off this evening.
Himalaya's Kajal was amazing, I did not worry about checking in the mirror for eye liner bleeds.

                                                                                                  -Just a little of everything makes you a different you-

The Casual Shopper

It is amazing how our mind works when we go on a solo planned window shopping spree and end up with bags and bags of goodies. Yes you heard me right " planned window shopping spree", it was initially a casual window shopping day at the Queen's Bay Mall when my heart skipped a beat looking at the ever majestic "Black and White" teamed you can't get enough store.

It was right across me, silently screaming out my name. What do a solo casual shopper like me do? When the shops you walk by calls you out by name. You stop, savour the economically full purse feeling for just a little while and with no shame and guilt you walk with your head held high in to "Sephora".

That is exactly what I did and the damage was huge. As I began my journey I was greeted with Marc Jacobs line of make-up, Urban Decay,  Dior, Smashbox, NYX and a whole collection of affordable Sephora's line of cosmetics. My eyes were all over the place that I could have died hit by all the make labels on display. I did feel dizzy but definitely  not oozy.

I heard my conscious warnings me; "Buy only what you need" and what I needed was everything there. See how weak I become when I see make-up. The same thing happens to me at our local pharmacies like "Watson" & "Guardian" too. I was at Sephora Paragon just the day before and already had in mind what I actually wanted.

Like a Sephora  Virgin, I picked up the basket and started looking at Sephora line of cosmetics. A friendly voice enlightened me;
"Hi there, looking for something?"
"Yeah, I'm looking for a concealer for my face"
"Sure, let me assist you"
" Miss, shall I try it on your face and it will be better if I can apply some foundation on as well"

Mind voice : Yay, a makeover, is going to be totally worth it and I deserve it!

"Foundation" "Hmm, okay sure"
"Please have a seat miss"
"Thank You"

The little metal basket was filling up like an eye ball filling up with tears. I did not tear, but my mind was about to bring on long list of nasty words to the little heart that wouldn't say no to all the make-up pilling up on both the face and basket…I'm brining on the cliché here is called " Too Faced" but was it more like too thick a make-up to say no more for me.

And this is what I ended up getting : For the daily look

 Let's not be judgemental at this point, this is not a showing off business, I'm just trying out some products to make my face look more cared and human. Lol.

I have never use a one brand products in a long long time for skin care. So I have picked up a moisturiser which says:
"Don’t Act Your Age"

 Basically is an Anti-Aging cream, why do I need them? Well I am 2 years away from hitting the 30' series and I am so in need of the " Age Defy" products.

Quick Review:

  • Is about 50 ml in portion
    • Contains SPF 15, which is definitely not enough, but good enough for someone who does not practice applying sunscreen or any form of sunblock on the body and from that I am blessed with patches of sun kissed marks and pigmentation.
  • Smooth, very creamy and fast absorption
  • Bends well onto face and does not leave me with the usual "greyish whitish mask" appearance
  • A little bit goes along way

Packaging :

  • Just like any other jar of moisturiser - minimalist

End results of the 2 days trial :
  • Worth the deal, loving it and leaves my face and palm smooth & supple
  • Skin looks fairer and radiant; no comments from hubby and friends yet

Overall Rating : 
  • My ratings at the moment 5 stars

The Next Star of the Shopping  is a Lip Treatment  by Philosophy

"Kiss Me"

Quick Review:

  • Is almost same size with the Body Shop Lip Balms
No particular fragrance

  • Smooth almost butter like texture
  • A little bit goes along way
  • 24 hrs moisture if worn alone, tends to melt away after eating if used with lipstick

Packaging :

  • Compact & Cute

End results of the 2 days trial :
  • Worth the deal, loving it and leaves me with ever kissable lips all day long
  • Lips feel plumper and looks a little pink

Overall Rating : 
  • My ratings at the moment 5 stars

This are the 2 item that I have tried on at the moment. Stay tuned for a full haul and review.

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