Week 1 of Stir Fry Goodness

When you have a full time job, 5 doggies, a huge casa, 1 husband (lol) and health to take care; all you want to do is stir and fry your meals and gobble.

Yes you heard me right, stir-fry! I have been making lovely stir fry lunches for myself for the past 3 days. They taste amazing, keeps overnight and it is so easy to make. All you got to do is chop, drop, stir and serve.

Here are some of pictures from my stir-fry kitchen :)

#foodjournal #day1
Stir-fried chicken with shittake mushrooms and veges

I picked red and green bell pepper and some sugar peas for this dish.

They require lesser cooking time and is packed with nutrients.

Best is they are vibrant in colour.

#foodjournal #day2
Stir-fried glass noodles with garlic hot dogs and veges

 #foodjournal #day3
Stir-fried tofu with veges

Motivated March

Is the 3rd month of year 2015 and I am still on track with healthy eating and being fit and fabulous. Marking the beginning of this week with my weekly meal prep.

I have made hummus,  first attempt and happy with the out come. The nuttiness of the chickpeas and garlic and the tartness from the lemon juice and sour cream is just amazing. It is a mouthful of goodness. Trust me when I say...is really good.

The Recipe :

1 cup of hummus - boiled till soft
1 spoonful of lemon juice ( I eye balled it in )
2 spoonful of sour cream
2 cloves of garlic
salt and pepper to taste and some oilve oil 

Drain and set the boiled chickpeas to cool then blend it with all the ingredients. Is really a foolproof recipe. There are many ways to make a flavor filled hummus, some adds cumin for a really earthy flavor, some recipes require chicken stock to season the hummus. I think hummus can be boiled in chicken stock instead.  Try it, can be served as a healthy alternative for those high calorie dips and spreads.

The prep did not stop there, I cleaned, marinated and portioned out chicken breast meat. Bought the meat at Tesco, removed the skin and marinated it with stake powder and olive oil. 

This will go well with anything under the sun. Just top up with grilled, charred or steamed vegetables of your choice and is good to go.You can pan roast, grill or bake this marinated chicken cubes. 

Portioning and freezing the marinated meat will help you cook just what you need for each meal.

The verdict :  One day's worth of hassle for a week of healthy meals. 

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