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Hello all,

How have you guys been? I have been doing great, Firstly I must confess playing the dual role of a training consultant by day and beauty consultant by night is tiring in a fun way. I have been living this dual life for almost two months now. I am long due for my blog posts. I have so many things that I want to share with you guys.

Let's see, well the most exciting news is that I have finally built up courage to resign and seek for opportunity away from my comfort zone. My present company has been a substantial platform that has grown me into this corporate compatible individual. I thank my past life-changing events at Intel for who I am today. But I just had to let it go and move on. Yes I have gotten a new job, something that I have been debating and contemplating of doing for the past 7 months. Following the footsteps of my dear friend and an inspiration of my life Ms.Welma Laanda. She is a living proof that you are more than complete when you turn your passion into your career. So I did. I have accepted this job as an HR Executive Level 2. Yay, a golden opportunity to deepen my career curve once again into HR. Well that puts things in greater perspective now. 

Okay, the second news that I would like to share is.... finally I get to be a beauty consultant ( by night ) at the moment. I am now an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay. Yes you heard is right the "Mary Kay". Cool right? Well it is for me. I'm sure you guys are aware that I was obsessed with the skin care products. They are just amazing!!

So being me, I have shared the goodness for these products to my friends and family. They have ordered a couple of things and it has brought success to my blooming business. 

My 3 weeks with Mary Kay Outcome :

Well I am very happy with the outcome of the products. Noticeable changes within 3 weeks.
Here are some shots on the products and swatches. I will do a full review and a collective haul soon.

From left: #Timewise Night Solution, Eye Firming Cream & Age Fighting Moisturizer 
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