Sophisticated Grunge

Hello me ladies, how are you? I have been doing great. This week I created this look called Sophisticated Grunge using my Sleek i-Divine palette - Bad Girl. Way back during my high school days I had 4 friends we were and still are soulmates - Our little girl group was called Grunge Limited. We were not the very naught bunch of kids we were just the sophisticated type. Here is an update picture of us now.

Sophisticated much me ladies? Indeed we are, but that does not mean we can't look a little grunge when we feel like it. I used to love dark and heavily lined eyes and a good dark purple lips. I used to remember having this pencil/crayon like lipstick in the shade dark burgundy too. Good old days.

So I decided to get a little hippie/punkish/grunge this weekend and kept it a little age appropriate. After all, I am 30! 

I am not certain why some shots are looking different than the others. Anyways, let's get down to the details: 

On my face :

I have primed my face with Nivea Post Shave Balm. Over that I applied a generous amount of Olay moisturizer. Waited for 10 minutes and started correcting, concealing and contouring my face using the Nxy Corrector Palette in the shade deep. I just love the post blending effect that it gives. Added the foundation - Mary Kay Timewise Matte foundation in the shade Bronze 1.

When you correct your face/skin, use a orange/reddish brown colour on your dark area. This will help with the concealer and foundation application. Test out the type of products available in the market, understand which type of product gives you, your desired outcome. I Like working with cream or base product and I prefer then matte. Always remember to pick out products that have a yellow tinge  for foundation and concealer. This my ladies will give you a more vibrant photo outcome, if you have the flash on. If you get products with more pink or white tinge you are going to end up looking all powdery and ghostly on your photos. 

Without Flash 

Please don't forget to set your face with setting powder. I used Revlon's Nearly Naked Pressed Powder for this look. It gives a flawless finish and a great photo.

With Flash

On the Eyes:

I am loving everything about Sleek Makeup Eye Shadows. The colours are vibrant and the formula is brilliant. I am just in love with the colour payout. It made my day. 

I added Essence Eyeliner in the shade 25 Feel the Mari-Time (Teal/Turquoise) in the inner corners of my eyes to add a vibrant pop to this look. 

No false lashes this time, just used the Benefits Cosmetics - Mascara - They Are Real. I helps create a good length and and great curl even without curling the lashes. 

On my Lips:

Wet n Wilds Lipstick in the shade Cherry Bomb. No lining this time.

Hope you like this look and do try it. Change out the lip colour to a deep burgundy or purple shade for a more gothic look. Do the things you love, cause no matter what. You can't please everybody and stop them from judging you.

Smokey Chartreuse - A Daytime Makeup Look

Hello ladies, how are you doing? hope you guys are well happy and playing with makeup just like me. I am recovering well from my flu bug. Created another look with my recent purchase; Sleek Makeup i-Divine Garden of Eden Palette. I am so so in love with the palettes, the colors are just vibrant and the payoff is amazing. I did do several layering and trust me the colors just blended so well and gave me the look that I was wanting to achieve. 

You can achieve this fool-proof smokey eye just like mine or even better with this palette. You can never go wrong. I am actually wearing this look for the second time, this time I wanted more drama and vibrancy and I added the color Gates of Eden on the inner corner on my lids. Just like that the shade is going to be my wearable daytime gold color. 

The color payoff may vary based on the type of primer that you are applying. The more brighter/whiter the base/primer the more lighter the eye shadow will appear. I used the Urban Decay eye primer in the shade original. As I wanted very little attention (do you trust me?) on the eye. Actually that is the only eye primer that I have. 

Picture credit :

I wore this look close to 6 hours and the eye makeup did not crease as much. So my ladies invest in good primers. The flashies are from Forever21.  After priming my lids I used the shade Flora all over my crease and the out corners of my eyes. In the middle I applied the shade Tree of Life in as the base and topped it up with a mixture of shades (Fauna, Evergreen & Fig) and on the inner corners of my lids the mighty gold shade - Gates of Eden. You need to blend, blend and blend away those harsh color dividers. I used the same brush that I used to to pick up the shade Flora to blend the crease area and the connecting area between gold and green and green and brown.

Added the Loreal Black Lacquer Eyeliner with the tinniest wing over the lash band. No mascara needed for this look. The flashies were nice and thick. For the face I kept everything minimal. Tried out Daiso Ellefar Princess Duo Color Cheek for the first time. Embarrassing moment is about to be revealed, I never owned a blush and this is my first one. I am definitely going to get a good one soon. Any recommendation? I am eyeing the Zoeva Blush Palette. 

Is a coralish -pink blush and a peach highlighter. I really like the color payoff. Is suitable for looks that needs just the right amount of pinkness and highlights not an over powering spectrum. It makes the cheeks pop without much product. Since I don't own any blush I think it just works well for the price range. I mean I couldn't ask for more. 

I was featured in Instagram and on Ricedolls beauty page and I am so so happy and grateful for that. So you guys, drop by be part of this amazing beauty community and check them out via your Instagram too. This review is not sponsored by any of the brands/products used to create this look. So ladies, stay amazing, eat ice-cream wisely and enjoy looking good at all times. Till I see you in my next blog post. 

Introducing Rice Dolls - A Beauty Community

Hello my dears, how are things going? I've got the May Bug - flu, fever and everything fancy about catching a cold and that has got me bogged down with "achooing" and "sneezing" ever so frequently. Yet I have not given up my passion in creating makeup looks and trying out my already purchased good stuff.

I know is not healthy to wear makeup when you are not well, cause you may cough or sneeze on the product and leave traces of the fancy flu bug lingering... yet I still went ahead and created some looks to share with you guys.

I discovered a beauty community called "Rice Dolls" recently. This page is a tribute to all makeup enthusiast. I came to know about this makeup nirvana while browsing thru our very own Malaysian Youtuber - Dashindra Siva's Instagram, clicked on her #tag and found my way to this page/website.

Ever since my discovery, I have been asking all my makeup junkie friends to join this beauty community. You can submit any face of the day look (#fotd) or participate in their beauty challenges. You can write a review on the products that you have used to create your look too. 

I recently participated in a Rice Dolls Mother's Day Beauty Challenge #IGotItformMyMama and was featured in both their page and on Instagram. So excited and happy that I am taking my passion for makeup to the next level.

I was going for a 40's inspired look. My mum has always worn her looks like Agent Carter "Peggy" those days. She loves the side parting and face framing locks. My hair on the other hand is truly a hot mess to begin with. I wanted to keep the curls for this look and managed to tame it down with tons of hair spray and bobby pins.

Instagram Feature : #ricedolls

Here is a close up of the 40's inspired look. My mum till today loves a good dark lipstick and I have gracefully copied & followed her style. My mum is my fashion icon.
I used Sleek i-Divine Palette in Vintage Romance to create this Vintage Classic look. The falsie are from Forever 21 and little wing was created using Loreal Black Lacquer Eyeliner (liquid liner). On my lips I wore NYX Butter Gloss in the shade : Devil's Food Cake.

So my angels, check out : and  Dashindra Siva :DaintyDashBeauty 
 and get inspired to explore makeup just like me.


Haul - Pt 3 - Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Hello ladies,

If you are reading this, you probably know that I am sharing with you part 3 of my collective haul. I am in a "makeup collector mode" and yes I am buying makeup and makeup related accessories to try out. Today I want to share with you another purchase from an Instaseller - Thameenbya. She sells authentic makeup and beauty accessories. I got the duo miracle complexion sponges from Real Techniques and they are super awesome.

I have sneaked the used sponge back in its package to take this shot.  Both these duo for RM 50 not inclusive of postage and made a repurchase the next minute after using it. The sponge is a bomb, it makes foundation application super flawless and give a close resemblance of  air brushed finish. I have never owned any form of beauty sponge and I am loving it. 

So far I have applied 2 types of foundation using the sponge and it just help push the product very closely to the skin and blends the product well. I will do a full review and first impression on this and share with you guys this weekend. If you would like to give these sponges a are the seller's details :

See you in my next post. 

Haul - Pt2 - Sliver Swan Lash

A friend of mine came visiting one day and she had asked why so many hair brush? The justifying best answer that I gave her was; each has it's own use. Guilty as accused, I love trying out new hair brushes for the little forest/bush that I am growing on the top of my head. Over the past I have done everything chemically possible to ruin it and now after years of learning from past mistakes, I have chopped the dry and damaged end leaving behind off the neck just slightly touching the shoulder length hair. 3 main things that I have not stopped doing are coloring, styling ( loads of hair spray involved) and of course blowing the hair out. So these are my reasons for getting loads and loads of brushes to get a not too frizzy/big hair blow out.  I have ran way, way beyond my haul sharing.

The whole paragraph that you see above is a justification, for not labeling/putting me in the shopaholic bandwagon. Well, ladies who is not? I have been planning to try out falsies and so far the ones that I love using are from forever 21. My recent found treasure is the Silver Swan Handmade Lashes. They are made from 100% human hair and the band is so thin and light. I bought 2 pairs from a Instaseller  who is based in Malaysia. 

These babies are from Indonesia, they come with lash glue too. The box on the left are lower lashes (No. 305)  and the one on the right is for upper lashes (206 Gaura). Each lashes retails at a very affordable price. RM 15 per box.. postage not included. The Instaseller's ID is Sliverswanlash_Malaysia. If you are an impulse buyer like can contact her via Watsapp at 012-5171667. She will be more that happy to help you pick lashes that actually suites your eye-size and face shape.... For more product details check out their website : 

I am done with my eye makeup/accessory haul. There is a part 3 to this haul and they are face makeup. When is there too much shopping, haul or try-out when it comes to makeup and fashion apparels. Stay tuned for my 3rd part-er of my Haul.

Haul - Pt 1 - Eye Palettes

Hi my angels,

Today's blog is all about an on-line shopping haul. I bought a couple of items over Instagram and from My first purchase was this amazing Zoeva palette - Coco Blend. Bought is for Sephora for RM 134.00, postage free.  Here is the palette, isn't she a beauty. I don't have any swatches for you at the moment, this palette and the rest of the item here deserves a review on its own.

Zoeva line of cosmetics and brushes was launched recently at Sephora outlets here in Malaysia and I am so so in love with their product range. I bought the Coco Blend palette on via If you didn't already know, Sephora started a web-based shopping service early February 2016. Free shipping when you purchase more than RM80. Just like that I bought my first palette. The service provided was flawless and my goods arrived with 5 working days. 

Like any on-line store, they too provide easy tracking system to know the whereabouts of your purchase(s). They gave a thick bubble wrap cover over the product that prevented the product from cracking/breaking during shipping. 

I wish I could have laid my hands over this palette earlier, unfortunately, for me the palette was sold-out at the Queens Bay Mall outlet, hence the on-line shopping spree took place. The colours are very pretty and it does suit women of color like myself. I would definitely prime my eyelids with a thick coat of primer for the product to last all day. I am not saying that the colors won't last a great deal on you. Is just  that I have oily lids and it needs good priming. You can pretty much wear the colours on its own or mix it up to create any look that you desire. 4 out of the 10 shades are matte. Good deal for money and hassle free. Pick, purchase and pay.

The next item(s) are some Sleek i-Divine Eye shadow Pallets: 

I was super excited when I saw an Instaseller selling them (RM 58 each + RM 7 for shipping). They do have it on too (RM 69 each).

I picked up 3 palettes from an Instaseller : #the.lipstick.enthusiast her service was flawless. One of the palette had a little damage one of the color was broken and she gave me 50% discount for it. Here are some close ups of the products.

This one is called Vintage Romance and I am deeply in love with the shades and their names. 

This palette is called Bad Girl, it has 2 beautiful blue tons.

This beauty is called Garden of Eden, I must say this..the matte shades are just fabulous. the color pay-off is just amazing. 

I will share the details of 3 more products in my next post. My make up collection just got a little bigger. I love collecting make up and I need to find time using them especially the eye shadow palettes. I am always a color liner girl and now I am knee in experimenting eye shadows. Stay tuned for the second part of my haul details and individual product review & swatches. Feel free to check out and @the.lipstick.enthusiast page (on Instagram) to purchase and enjoy these products by yourself too...happy shopping and experimenting with make up ladies. 

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