Haul - Pt 1 - Eye Palettes

Hi my angels,

Today's blog is all about an on-line shopping haul. I bought a couple of items over Instagram and from sephora.my. My first purchase was this amazing Zoeva palette - Coco Blend. Bought is for Sephora for RM 134.00, postage free.  Here is the palette, isn't she a beauty. I don't have any swatches for you at the moment, this palette and the rest of the item here deserves a review on its own.

Zoeva line of cosmetics and brushes was launched recently at Sephora outlets here in Malaysia and I am so so in love with their product range. I bought the Coco Blend palette on via www.sephora.my. If you didn't already know, Sephora started a web-based shopping service early February 2016. Free shipping when you purchase more than RM80. Just like that I bought my first palette. The service provided was flawless and my goods arrived with 5 working days. 

Like any on-line store, they too provide easy tracking system to know the whereabouts of your purchase(s). They gave a thick bubble wrap cover over the product that prevented the product from cracking/breaking during shipping. 

I wish I could have laid my hands over this palette earlier, unfortunately, for me the palette was sold-out at the Queens Bay Mall outlet, hence the on-line shopping spree took place. The colours are very pretty and it does suit women of color like myself. I would definitely prime my eyelids with a thick coat of primer for the product to last all day. I am not saying that the colors won't last a great deal on you. Is just  that I have oily lids and it needs good priming. You can pretty much wear the colours on its own or mix it up to create any look that you desire. 4 out of the 10 shades are matte. Good deal for money and hassle free. Pick, purchase and pay.

The next item(s) are some Sleek i-Divine Eye shadow Pallets: 

I was super excited when I saw an Instaseller selling them (RM 58 each + RM 7 for shipping). They do have it on sephora.my too (RM 69 each).

I picked up 3 palettes from an Instaseller : #the.lipstick.enthusiast her service was flawless. One of the palette had a little damage one of the color was broken and she gave me 50% discount for it. Here are some close ups of the products.

This one is called Vintage Romance and I am deeply in love with the shades and their names. 

This palette is called Bad Girl, it has 2 beautiful blue tons.

This beauty is called Garden of Eden, I must say this..the matte shades are just fabulous. the color pay-off is just amazing. 

I will share the details of 3 more products in my next post. My make up collection just got a little bigger. I love collecting make up and I need to find time using them especially the eye shadow palettes. I am always a color liner girl and now I am knee in experimenting eye shadows. Stay tuned for the second part of my haul details and individual product review & swatches. Feel free to check out www.sephora.my and @the.lipstick.enthusiast page (on Instagram) to purchase and enjoy these products by yourself too...happy shopping and experimenting with make up ladies. 


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