Beauty Bloggers Day Out

Hello my loves, thank you for catching up with me via my blog. I had a great weekend, how about you ladies? 

I met up with my new found friend; a beauty guru/blogger. He is none other than Harivain the founder of Fierce Paint ( Beauty Blog ) . 

Our meet up was a casual one and he is an amazing person. Okay, where do I begin? Since I have been taking makeup seriously in life and having a serious addiction towards Instagram, I have been looking for inspiring beauty bloggers & gurus to know and understand current blog trends and to learn how to create creative pieces of blog entries or product reviews (in plain words I was stalking people), and then I came across Harivain a male beauty blogger & a makeup enthusiast  ....I will say he is a makeup/beauty guru...I will tell you why shortly.

This young man, is an Odissi Dancer too. He has known makeup since his younger Odissi days. Can you relate to why I say he is a Makeup/Beauty Guru. I also got some beauty insides/tips on how to contour the face based on face shapes, application of falsies (the one thing that I dearth at all times) and some of his thoughts on makeup. The Body Shop Malaysia follows him on his social media people. I also learnt  that our cultural heritage is so rich and we demonstrate Art in dynamic ways from him. 

I felt like I was interviewing a He knows too much and I had a limited time out session with him. Another thing, that I want to point about Harivain is that he is not a snob...the world needs more people like him. I tried my luck and messaged him on FB asking him about his whereabouts and the moment he said Penang I felt happy and excited cause I thought we could meet up and do some collaboration together. Reluctantly, I asked him if we could meet up and to my surprise he said yes. 

Just like that, it was a beauty bloggers day out. After chatting we went over to the Guardian Pharmacy to look see some makeup...the meet up will never be complete if we din't do that. He introduced a drugstore makeup brand called Catrice. I would have never thought that the cosmetics sold there can be worn on colored skin. The price range is affordable and the product performance is way beyond my expectation. Who would have known?

He picked out a blush & bronzer suitable for my skin tone. We need more of this in the future. Normally, I would be the one picking out makeup for my girlfriends. I feel so blessed and privileged. He also gave me a little meet up gift, Essence Lip liner in the Shade Sweetheart. 

Catrice Blush Artist Shading Palette & Sun Glow Matt Bronzing Powder is a perfect wear if you want a subtle and natural looking finish. I would wear it as my daily makeup, definitely work appropriate. 

So ladies, If you are someone who love people who keep things real in their blog and share the true passion for makeup and beauty enhancements; head over to his blog and be part of his world too. His latest blog post is about Product Empties #12. Don't forget to check him out on Instagram as well: harivain

I will soon be doing a collaboration with him. Owh yeah before I forget, I will be doing a shout out to the 3 giveaway winners in my next post. Stay tuned and connected.

Thank you for your time and the lovely gift my love.


  1. OMG!!! I feel so so honoured! Such an amazing write up for me!!! Thank you so much love!!! Thank you thank you thank you! :D :D :D

    1. Diva in the was an awesome meet-up.
      We should be doing more of this when you are less busy.

  2. Why, that's very lovely to see our homegrown beauty blogger! I would love to meet you guys some time. I'm from penang but residing in kl now. I love make up too! And I really enjoy your blog and also hari's blog.

    1. Thank you for all the love Usha, please look us up when you are down.
      We shall meet up.


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