Birthday Giveaway ( 31 July - 7 August 2016)

Hello ladies, I had a wonderful birthday and I wish you guys had a great weekend.

So in conjunction of my birthday, I am doing a birthday giveaway and the theme is  Smokey Eyes on Fleek. I have been wearing a lot of smokey eye looks this month and I really hope I have improved my skills. 

I picked up some smokey eye essentials from Elianto & Essence Makeup. These product are super affordable and anyone on a budget would love the product range offered by both these brands. I also received so goodies for my birthday. My husband, mum and aunt teamed up and got me what I love the most - Makeup.... thank you dear family for this lovely gifts.

Okay, now let's move on to the juicy details of my giveaway shall we? I picked up 3 sets of eye shadow pans ( 4 pans per set ) for the giveaway and decided to name them with some catchy names:
Pink Candy, Perfect Purple & Sunset Samba.

I choose products from 3 well known labels that I love by far:

1 Elianto 4 Colour Refill Palette - Flower Motive
4 Elianto Eye Shadows
1 Essence Cosmetics Smokey 2 in 1 Khol Liner
1 Smokey Eyes Brush
1 Pair of Shye Lashes

Elainto's Eye Shadow are the balm in my life. I started off with these pans. Way back when I started using the they we RM 8-ish per pan.

The colour payout is awesome, but it need to be packed on first to build pigment intensity. The texture of these pans are like butter, the shimmery ones are the best. I will share with you guys the some swatches from these palettes and some of the others that I own.

They also have their own caddy/refill palettes. I love their smallest caddy;  a 4 pan palette just like the one you see in these pictures. They retail at RM 16.90 per palette. I added the palette to make the set complete. Their individual pans, does not have magnetic backing so they fit best in their very own  refill palettes. It is bulky in a good way I would say, I love the fact that they come with a decently sized mirror. The overall quality of the palette is good, I only wish the would improve on their pan adhering method...the adhesives used are not as strong, if the glue melts off you will have loose pans flying around when you open them up. Apart from that, this is good stuff.

The makeup brush is form Essence Cosmetic, if you are a beginner trying out smokey eyes you need more than one of these babies in your brush collection. Why?  I will tell you why...the bristles of this brush is soft and fluffy at the same time. The small size of the brush head make creating the outer corner V a bliss. If you have hooded eyes like me, you can use this brush to apply colour and blend out colour on the crease area as well. It fits perfectly in the droopy crease of mine ( TMI ).

I have not personally tried out the Smokey Khol Liner from Essence, but the I loved them when I swatched them at Wastons. Creamy goodness that will be an excellent base to create the outer V smokiness  and to smoke out the lower lash line. 2 in 1...Bonus !!

Lastly, you need a good pair of lashes to complete this look. I love falsies by Shye Lashes. Every lashes has it's own personality. I love the Demi Wispies, they are feel light and looks natural. I wear them on their own at times to give me that fuller lash look when I desire. They are super reasonable in price only RM 5 per pair with a minimum purchase of  5 pairs. You will definitely be needing more than 5 pairs.

Pink Candy

🌈Birthday Giveaway🌈
❤ Pink Candy  worth RM 90.00 ++ ❤ 

🎉 This set comes with the following:

1 #elainto 4 Colour Refill Palette - Flower Motive (RM 16.90)
1 Sheen Shadow 01 - Pink Lady (RM 10.90)
1 Ardour Shadow 14 - Ballet Pink (RM 10.90)
1 Sheen Shadow 07 - Cool Grey (RM 10.90)
1 Luminous Shadow 14 - Taupe (RM 10.90)
1 #essencecosmetics Smokey 2 in 1 khol liner (RM 13.90)
1 Smokey Eyes Brush (RM 6.90)
1 Shye Lashes (RM 5.00)

Perfect Purple

🌈Birthday Giveaway🌈
💜 Perfect Purple Worth RM 94.00 ++ 💜 

🎉 This set comes with the following:

1 #elainto 4 Colour Refill Palette - Flower Motive (RM 16.90)
1 Sheen Shadow 08 - Fairy Purple (RM 10.90)
1 Safari Shadow 11 - Lavender (RM 14.90)
1 Safari Shadow 15 - Ebony Black (RM 14.90)
1 Splendour Shadow 04 - Evergreen (RM 10.90)
1 #essencecosmetics Smokey 2 in 1 khol liner (RM 13.90)
1 Smokey Eyes Brush (RM 6.90)
1 Shye Lashes (RM 5.00)

Sunset Samba

🌈Birthday Giveaway🌈
💛 Sunset Samba worth RM 102.00 ++ 💛 

🎉 This set comes with the following:

1 #elainto 4 Colour Refill Palette - Flower Motive (RM 16.90)
1 Luminous Shadow 01 - Yellow (RM 14.90)
1 Safari Shadow 04 - Soft Sandalwood (RM 14.90)
1 Madigra Shadow 08 - Cotta Brown (RM 14.90)
1 Luminous Shadow 12 - Storm Grey (RM 14.90)
1 #essencecosmetics Smokey 2 in 1 khol liner (RM 13.90)
1 Smokey Eyes Brush (RM 6.90)
1 Shye Lashes (RM 5.00)

So ladies, join the fun and win these goodies. This is not a sponsored giveaway. 

🌈 Birthday Giveaway 🌈
👀Smokey Eyes on Fleek👀
I am a big bundle of love this month, in conjunction of my birthday...I am giving away 3 sets of Makeup to you guys.

All I have been loving this month is Smokey Eyes and I have picked out some essentials for the 3 lucky winners.You can create Smokey Eyes on the go with these essentials.
1. Follow me on Instagram 
2. Like the Giveaway Post 
3. Tag 2 Friends Who You Think Would Love to Join.
4. Comment Below with I want ( name of the combo ex: Sunset Samba ) .
Pink Candy
💜 Perfect Purple
💛 Sunset Samba

You may submit as many entries as you like( the more the higher chances of winning )

DM me when done and keep your profile public so that I can contact you.

Instagram : lakshmi86
FB Page : 

31 July - 7 August 2016
Winner Announcement Date: 
8 August 2016 -This Is Not a Sponsored Giveaway-
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