Sephora Haul : NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (SMLC)

This is another p.s. I love Lipsticks moment people. When I first started doing or wearing makeup I was all about collecting single eye shadows and random no brand palettes. My main intention of getting them is simply to decorate the eye lids of mine. Back then, money's worth was my mantra, no high-end cosmetics no hording syndrome....thing were so very normal. I never really invested or took care in buying or so much so trying out different shades of lipsticks.

I used to love mum's Clinique lipstick...they used to come in good sliver coloured sticks. They used to look so majestic and shiny. There were green coloured sticks too...good all days. Mum had mostly red tones. I used to borrow them, only wore lipsticks for special occasions. Who would have thought?...That I too will own more than 1 lipsticks.

Now, I am obsessed with lipsticks and I am adventurous in trying many formulas and colours. Recently, I got 2 sets of the soft matte lip cream trios. I am so so in love with all of the shades from both the sets.

For those of you who don't know, the Nxy Soft Matte Lip Creams comes in 34 beautiful shades. Two of their best sellers are Budapest & Rome.

My trios came with these shades:

 From left: Madrid, Ibiza and Budapest

 From left: Prague, Milan and Seoul

Each pack was retailed at RM 66.00 and they were sure a value for money. As I said I love them all and they go well with caramel skin tones surprisingly. I was a little skeptic when it came to shades like Milan and Ibiza. They were on the brighter end of pinkish nudes.

Here are some swatches of these shades on my lips, I did not prime nor lighten my lip colour as I normally do prior to applying bright colored lipsticks.

To date, I have only worn Madrid and Budapest, I will soon be doing a first impression review on my blog. If you are thinking of getting them, please do not hesitate or wait any longer. They make great holiday gifts too. Not convinced yet? Here is a mini review on a the colors that I have worn 2 days in a row...junkie much?

Mini review:
They last all day and they are kiss proof. They don't transfer unless you have eaten an oily meal while wearing them. Doesn't dry out the lips or cause flaking. Be sure to allow the first coat to dry prior to applying a second coat. Else the will stick.

Madrid is a beautiful brownish - reddish - maroonish red that makes you feel sexy instantly...or should i say effortlessly.

As for Budapest, it is going to be my go to lip cream, I feel is like a perfect nude for coloured girls. You can wear it for work, play or a night out with the girls. An every day, every occasion kind of color. I would even wear it to bed....that is how much I love Nyx Budapest me ladies.

So, go and get yours today.... 


  1. Nice! NYX SMLC in London is my all time favourite!!!

  2. I have not tried any NYX soft Matte Lip Cream personally (shame on me) but I know a lot of people really dig it! I mean, they do have a nice colour range though! I'd buy Madrid!

    ieyra h. | blog


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