First Impression Friday : Maybelline New York - Dream Velvet soft Matte Hydrating Foundation

Today is all about the face, last Tuesday I went as a plus 1 with my husband to his company's Annual 
Dinner. The theme was "The Great Gatsby" and I was over the supermoon when I heard about it. There is definitely something about me and dressing up...I just love spending hours of my time playing dress up and putting on makeup. Days before the actual event I tried doing my 20's inspired makeup look to tie both my glittery dress and jewels together.

So for the face, I wanted a light weight foundation that will last me a good deal at the same time maintains the moisture on my face. I bought the Maybelline New York Dream Velvet Soft Matte Hydarting Foundation in the shade 90 Honey Beige. This was a friend's finding in Watsons. He is none other than Hari, author of the only male beauty guru that I know. He said that he could blend and work that colour on his skin and I just felt like I could give it a try. If it din't match me, I could always pass it down to mummy dear. She is way way lighter than me.

So here is the look I created for the event... this is the try-out version:

The rave is going to be about this foundation till the end of this blog post, grab yourself some tea and read on.

The Maybelline New York - New Dream Velvet Soft Matte Hydrating Foundation, a mouthful. Is my recent purchase for the drug store - Guardian. I bought it for RM 39.90.

Watson's is having their year end sale and it is only RM 35.91.

They come in 8 different shades and the last 2 is fairly compatible for caramel skin tones.

In US there are 12 shades, we don't have 92 Caramel and 95 Coconut

Picture source :

Product Info:

Size :  Comes in a 12 M Tube - 30 ml 1FL.OZ
Tube Material : Fancy Matte Plastic Tube
Price : Watsons - RM 35.91
Guardian - RM 39 - ish

Products Description:

1st gel whipped foundation. Fresh, new and flawless... Dream Velvet whips fresh gel into a velvet-soft texture. Complexion is perfected and smooth with a soft-matte finish, just like velvet. Skin feels fresh with lasting hydration.

What I liked about it?
Price point, a foundation under RM 40 is definitely a make-up bag essential category for me. Why? I am very forgetful and I don't want to misplace my expensive foundation. Plus is super affordable.

Colour that can be worn by caramel skin tone, it has a very slight brownish orange undertone to it...thus, it make covering black spots or marks easier.

I like the gel texture that changes into a velvety finish, it is not all that mate. I like how it makes my skin/face mildly dewy. 

Hydrating and does not make your makeup cake upon powder application. You can do as many touch up as you like. They hydrating properties helps with combining products. So you can mix and match this foundation with other products.

What I don't like about it?
It fills pore and is a good thing but if you have large pores and lines on your face like me, make sure you evenly apply this foundation, else all the foundation is going to get absorbed into your face rather than sitting on it. I had to do a second layer to even out the application and the finish it gave. 

Overall Ratings :  4/5, I wore the makeup/look for a good 8 hours and it lasted a great deal. I did not appear on my t-zone and my face felt hydrated. The makeup was on point till I removed it before bed.


  1. Seems like a good foundation, and I'm so glad that they bring in a lot of shades.
    I nak cuba lah nanti since it has scored 4/5 from you! :D

    ieyra h. | blog

  2. Sure Ieyra, pi la cuba...they are nice...good for a no makeup makeup look


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