Glam Squad - Massive Makeup & Beauty Products Giveaway

For those of you who have been with me will know that I met 3 beauty bloggers via Instagram and I am so blessed to have found  the glam divas. We call our self glam squad. Well we are just a bunch of makeup junkies looking to make an impact in life with makeup. 

In out tiny little world ( Glam Squad Group ) we practically share everything about makeup and being the Diva we are we do bitch about many other things. So here I proudly present you the Glam Squad. The forth member is a very good friend who is also a sister to me Ms.Esther. We are very good friends for four years now.

We had a sweet meet up session not long ago and also did a collaboration for Halloween too. 

I am so happy to have found these beautiful souls and hope our squad will go places.

Our giveaway consist of makeup and beauty products that we have tried and currently in love with. Since we love them, we are going to share them with one luck winner....we a picking 1 follower at random via Instagram. He or she will be leaving with all the goodies worth RM 200.00++

Here are our rave about the products. 

You too can participate today via Instagram. All you got to do is follow all 5 of us, repost our giveaway picture with hashtag #glamfivegiveaway and tag 2 of your friends who you think would love to be part of this giveaway. The giveaway end on 22 December 2016.

Check us out on Instagram today. Good Luck to all who have participated. 


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