Parenting Unembellished

Being parents not only takes practice and dedication it is painful  and has to be taken seriously. Yes, you heard me right. We are foster parent for a 13 year old girl. She is just blooming into a young lady and I have all these dilemmas in my head. Life just got fast-forwarded 13 years.

Why fostering you may ask? I always wanted to adopt a child and make him/her mine , but a better opportunity arose. This little girl is the eldest  among 5 siblings and she was in need of an environment change. Her parents do not have much as they have to feed four other mouths and just like that we had agreed to foster and provide as much as we can for her. If I was given an opportunity I would want to keep all 5 of them with me. Let's see if time can permit that.

Life now has changed tremendously and the best thing about it is that we have 1 proper meal together as a family. We feel all is happening for a reason. Both hubby dear and I are more organized and disciplined in getting our life together. Our couple and carefree life has changed for the better.

I am super busy doing the things I don’t normally do on a regular basis.  Now there is daily laundry, cooking and cleaning and more home/family oriented activities. I don’t really have the time to catch my breath. I really have no clue how parents with more than 1 kids are doing a fantastic job. Only then It came to my mind about my readiness to be a mother…I was not there yet but now I have a good real life training now. Trust me is a struggle.

If both hubby dear and I can raise her well, we will have a lot lesser roadblocks when it comes to bringing up our own. We now have to role model stuff and live up to a certain level of correctness…if that is even a word. I am tired, yet I am enjoying it. Life is a little more meaningful with her around.

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I am happy to see her try fitting-in into this new environment, everything that happens around her should be a learning process.  At times, it feels like looking back at my own life and the things that I would do differently now; If I could turn back time. Not really complaining about my teenage life, I was a rebel to begin with and life had its share in making me the tough babe that I am now. Proud of myself and the mistakes that I have done.

Bottom-line is; To be able to pick up from where you left and let time do all the healing required and go thru all  the strength training the heart will endure, when we did not have too many things to worry about ….we lived life…. I am being thankful and grateful in life, expressing gratitude to the people/thing/events in my life is helping me to see the good in everything. I list down 10 things that I am grateful for each day……it gives me hope that good things do happen during tough times.
Okay, enough with all the ranting and catching-up, let’s get into something more serious than life (make-up)….. Shall we.? I have started applying simple work appropriate makeup since Monday. I have to improve my dressing style and update my make-up collection. Slacking for the past 3 months or so. Today, I made an on-line order from Sephora, I must say it was therapeutic and want to hear me exaggerate more?....It was the best 2 hr lunchbreak of my life. I am truly a shopaholic….My latest on-line shopping spree was just weeks ago…I was clicking away ordering for hair management tools…really Lakshmi…hair management tools…what was I thinking? (Slap on the forehead) acknowledging the mundane corporate term used “Management” Note to self: Please write often and be creative and stop using corporate terms here in a lifestyle blog.  

I have a list of pending blog entries waiting to be publish cause I have not taken cool pictures to share with you guys…Lame…I know right…Lame as Lakshmi can be! So here I am typing away….In my next post, I will share with you my collective haul (result of on-line shopping spree(s)) and details of my recent purchase at tuned.


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