Back to Basic Face Series : Pt 1 - Primers & Foundations

The glam squad collaboration series are back. This round we will be doing a back to basic kind of series. We are going to be focusing all about the face in this collab. 

Part one of our Face Series is all about setting the base right and by base I mean prepping and priming the face and getting the right foundation for the right event or should I say the right coverage.... The squad will have 5 different product reviews for each category to share with you. These products consist of affordable to high-end brands. Hope the reviews will help you guys have a better understanding of the products and and how it works on different skin types.

When it comes to identifying the right product for the right skin type, what we read over the internet may or may not be as what they describe it to be. Over the years, I have always thought that my skin type is normal to dry. This is because I don't really oil up at the T-zone and my mum will constantly ask me to apply more moisturizer as my skin looks really dry. Mum knows best. So I religious follow her advise. Little did I know there is something called the combination skin type. Lol

I have done my fair share of damage to my skin my by applying luminous type of make on my skin to make sure it was not dry. After becoming an independent beauty consultant with Mary Kay, I came to understand that skin type is more than just dry or oily and not only the skin care line has to suite our skin type but aslo the makeup formulas have to be right.

Phew, I know that was a long long rant on my skin type discovery. I have combination to oily skin. My skin is very sensitive as I breakout into small rash bumps post weekly facial hair removals and if dust touches my skin. 

Here are some of the products that are well suited for such skin type:

From left :  Sendayu Tinggi Collagen Face Spray, Sephora Smoothing Primer, The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation in the shade Yucatan Honey, Mary Kay Timewise Mate Wear Foundation in the shade Bronze 1 (Combination to Oily Skin) and Mary Kay Foundation Primer.

This is the Sendayu Tinggi Collagen Facial Spray  for Firming and Lifting. It is used to prep, firm and lift the skin prior to makeup application. It can be used as a mist to moisten makeup brush as well.

Let me share with you some product details :

Brand : Sendayu Tinggi (ST)
Product :  Collagen Facial Spray - Firming & Lifting
Bottle size :  2 oz / 60 ml
Bottle type : Plastic Sprayer Bottle
Manufacturer : ST Body & Skin Care Kuala Lumpur
Normal Price : RM 30.75
Discounted Price : RM 27.65
Availability : Selected Watsons Outlet & Sendayu Tinggi Online-Store ( )

Product Description:

Before Makeup Face Toner - Facial toner and moisturizer enriched with Collagen to soften the skin. It gives out a radiant and natural makeup look, thus making the skin elastic and supple. To be used after cleansing and before applying makeup.

First Impressions :
Price point, super affordable. Quality is amazing, the formula does not irritate skin, does not cause any form of breakouts and smells amazing.

Get's absorbed well into skin and does not leave sweat like water formation on skin. The only thing that I wish that they will modify in the future is the sprayer. It literally sprays on your face, I was hoping for the dispenser to elegantly mist the mixture on my face.....but it sprayed.

I have been receiving compliments for good skin lately. I did feel some firming action taking place....this a not the botox kind of firms in a comfortable way. As for lifting, I have not experiences any lift action going on my face...but my face is a tad smaller than what it used to be. I can't really tell the difference cause I am working-out on a regular basis for the past 4 weeks...thus my face did shrink a little.

I do mist the product on my face after applying Mary Kay's Moisture Renewing Softener daily. I have add this step to morning face routine. Even when I don't wear makeup I still use it. It can be mixed with other products too.

If you are interested in getting this facial spray, check them out at Watson's or go directly to their website. Tomorrow I will share with you details of the other products that I use to prep my face prior applying foundation.

Do check out the rest of the squad's favorite Primers and Foundations at Instagram... their IG handlers are:

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Geetha - @geethavijaymakeup

Esther - @estherkaurmann

Dhema Priya - @dhemapriya

Stay tuned for my next post.


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