2017 First Palette Review - Kat Von D Metal Mattes

Hello everyone, hope you guys are keeping well. It is almost the end of February now and I have my schedule sorted midways.  Early this year, we had series of relatives visiting and 2 family gathering in my household and I was really busy. Apologies for the silence...

So I din't want this month to end without a post...so here I am with a review. I have a very interesting palette to be sharing with you guys....if you follow me on Instagram I am very sure you would have known by now....It is none other than the The Kat Von D's MetalMatte Palette. Below is how the box and the packaging looks like. The palette is the center one, on the top is the box.

The palette is made in USA and comes with 9 metallic and 13 matte shades. Each pan weighs about 1.7 grams and you can kind of understand by now that this is a steal and any makeup junkie would want to get their hands on this bad boy.

Yes I have dipped my fingers into every single pan in this palette and I have never felt this much value for my money. The top row are the metallic/shimmery ones and the bottom 13 are the matte shades. I was really debating hard if I should be getting this palette...but finally bought it anyway. Firstly the price was really affordable, RM 140 for 22 shades. It is on sale at www.sephoramy.com The service was fabulous, made my order on Wednesday and  got my parcel on Friday.

You also get a guides that details 3 looks that can be created using this palette, Metal Maiden, Metalmatte Mashup and Velvet Romance.

I created a look using this palette this morning and I am calling it the lazy girl's smokey eye. Checkout my video to see a mini tutorial on this look.

Here are some are the swatches and a close up of the look that I created this morning. 

So now, let's get into my first impressions:

1. Highly pigmented
2.Smooth application, velvet texture.
3.Awesome finger application
4.Brush application, need to work with care...can give some fall outs. 
5. Amazing lasting power, doesn't get dissolved over oily lids
6. Pigment and shimmer stays put, may crease slightly if you have hooded lids.
7. Value for money (this bad boy is HUGE)

I am loving everything about this palette people. If you are looking into investing in a palette this year...get yourself this. You will love it just as much as i do. It is on sale at Sephora now...original price is RM 280+-


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