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I am obsessed with shopping and this syndrome only starts during lunch breaks. Recently many on-line retailers have been having Cyber Sale....and I made several purchases from HERMO, ALTHEA & ELIANTO. I felt I got myself good deals from these sites.

I won't be doing a collective haul review this time...I will be doing reviews by brands. The first brand review that I am going to share with you guys is from It's Skin. I am not sure on the number of types of products they have, but I found good reviews on their serum range - Power 10 Formula Effectors. Their website dint really have much details,  online retailers like Hermo  & Althea have done a good job in displaying decent product specification write ups. 

I bought 6 bottles. Got 4 from Hermo (RM 28 per bottle) & 2 from Althea (RM 25 per bottle). Althea did not have the Yeast Serum (YE Effector)

Very affordable and comes in 30 ml colorful bottles. They have 10 types to choose from. Each serum contains many skin enhancing ingredients.

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VE Effector:  Vitamin E serum that nourishes and moisturizes skin to give a luxuriously soft & smooth complexion. Vanilla extracts, rose water and boswellia extracts synergies to promote a radiant complexion.

Purchased from : HERMO

Price : RM 28 (free shipping when you buy 2 products) 

First Impression : Has a very mild rose like scent, dries fast, very light weight, a little goes a long way.

Pros: Removed sun tans and gave skin a healthy glow...restored my natural fairness 
( now my face colour is so much similar to my chest colour) 

Skin feels so smooth :)

Cons: It did induce oil build up on my t-zone

YE Effector: Skin-reviving serum that boosts cellular growth and hastens the cellular turnover process to improve texture and restore clarity. Anti-aging formula aids in the cellular repair process and increases skin's energy level. Superbly hydrating formula is rapidly absorbed by skin, leaving it remarkably softer and smoother while prepping it for optimal reception to moisturizers.

Purchased from : HERMO

Price : RM 28 (free shipping when you buy 2 products) 

First Impression : Very pleasant scent, very light weight, makes a very good face primer/ base for makeup application, very very hydrating and little goes a long way.

Pros: Love the richness of this serum, felt so refreshed after applying it. Face felt bouncy and makes very good face primer. I did not have the usual dry and parched feeling on the skin at end of the day.

Skin feels so bouncy and soft :)

Cons: None - I am in love with this one.

VC Effect: Brightening serum containing vitamin C and green tea components suppresses the formation of freckles that can make skin look dull and dark, and tightens pores to leave skin fair and luminous.

Purchased from : ALTHEA

Price : RM 25 (have to buy goodies worth RM 150 for free shipping) 

First Impression : Energizing, dries fast, not sticky, makes skin feel firm and a little goes a long way

Pros: Love the scent, definitely a morning-pick-me essential. The citrus burst makes me feel happy and energized. Leave face feeling fresh and fair. Face feel tight and firm ( in a very good way)

Cons: None, I have nothing to complain.

CO Effector: High potency serum quenches skin thirst and reverses the effects of premature aging with the use of Phyto Collagen. Superbly hydrating serum provides immediate relief to dry and dull skin and creates a soft, moist veil for long-lasting hydration that helps it stay vibrant and resilient. 

Purchased from : ALTHEA

Price : RM 25 (have to buy goodies worth RM 150 for free shipping) 

First Impression : Smells like perfume, dries fast but keep the moisture, hydrating and cooling

Pros: Removes dullness in face and locks moisture and gives face good hydration.

Cons: None, I have nothing only used this once at the moment.

As you can already tell, I am in a hunt for  skin care products that hydrates, softens and brightens my skin. So far, all 4 of these serums are kind to my skin and is living up to it's expectation. I will definitely all 4 serum and infact I may try out the rest. Their top 3 serums are YE Effector, VC Effector and VB Effector. They also have sheet mask for each of these types.

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Do check them out and give it a go if you must. Indian skin approved - well at least for me. Hope this review gave you the insights that you needed prior to purchasing them. I did not mix them together, I only alternated the usage. 


  1. I didn't realized how affordable these are at both Althea and Hermo. Serum for less than RM30?sounds very intriguing. I love skincare from k-beauty brands so I might get one for myself too! ^__^ By the way, I discovered your blog today through Hari! Loving it, keep on posting! :D :D

    ieyra h. | blog

  2. Yes, do visit Hermo & Althea and grab these babies....I have no complains and hope you will like them too. I love your blog so so much..your pictures are pretty.


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