What's in My Makeup Bag

I am like Doraemon when it comes to having all the things one needs during a travel. Doraemon has an infinite pouch and I have a huge handbag that houses everything….and I mean everything from sunscreen to earphone….books to makeup bag etc.  Is a basic human right to carry a makeup bag for emergency purposes….not medical but makeup emergencies?

What will I do if I have a lipstick meltdown situation or a stray eyebrow calamity at the given moment? What will I do? No compromise….the price you pay for being an over anxious makeup junkie are the weights on the shoulder blades.

My dears friends, I am so sure ….we are in the same boat. I have hence organized ( When is makeup ever a clutter?) my makeup and decided only to take what I really really need…(like 3 lip colours) ….but they are from different formula families…..Let me share with you how I organize my makeup bag and what I carry in them?

1. Go Light
Firstly, pick a makeup bag which is lightweight…this means no fancy bows and buckles or zippers and a light cloth based one will be better. Choose materials that can actually stretch to accommodate the random shapes and sizes of our stash. I got mine from Daiso for RM 5.30.

 I bought many small pouches like this one when I had my little Mozie ( Sugar-glider - escape artist) who is lost somewhere in my house. I can’t seem to find it. This is a new pouch…not a rodent infested one. It fills up well and has a generous amount of room to grow.

Want to see the goodies that I can pull out form these tiny & fuzzy baby? You will be surprised.

Now the details of the stash. I have 3 Lip Colours, 1 eyebrow pencil, 1 liquid eyeliner, lip balm, compact powder, foundation and a  sponge, tweezers, mirror, pottu and my dear hubby's lenses. 

2. Minimalism 
I keep just minimal products needed to "make-up" a bare face and also for touch ups. So you want to throw in products that can give you a flawless appearance when and as needed. Now let's start with the face products:

3. Tubes vs Bottles
When gathering products to fill in your makeup bag always go for products that comes in smaller and lighter packaging. Swap out foundation that comes in bottles with the ones that comes in tubes.
I love the finish, both these products give. 

4.Back to Basics 
Ditch the brushes and rely on sponges ladies...most face products adheres well when applied with sponges. Do make sure you clean them out regularly or get a disposable one. Once again you save space :).

The other 2 eye products that I have in my bag are a eyebrow pencil & a liquid liner. Properly groomed eyebrows can help to enhance one's features. Once again, choose or pick formulas that comes in a pen  form compared to bottles and brow kits.

5.Mix & Match
Next, I carry 3 types of lip colorants. Liquid lipsticks are my new found addiction and I wear almost on a daily basis. These liquid lipsticks tend to melt after eating, I learned that a good lip-gloss or tinted lip balm can help cover the post meals meltdown madness and it also blends well into the leftover of the liquid lipsticks. 

Lastly, I have some makeup bag essentials to save the day.  If you wear makeup on a regular basis, change out your makeup items as needed based on the look you are wearing. Don't keep adding on products to your makeup bag...it is a makeup bag not a portable vanity. 

By doing this, you can get the max use of you makeup stash and carry items that are really required. I keep the necessary/basic items in and empty out the rest. When you carry a small bag, it forces you not to stuff unwanted items into it. It will also help you pick out makeup that are compact and travel friendly. Remember to keep it minimal and light. Try it these tips and see if they too work for you.  


  1. The bag do look tiny but OMG, it's amazing to see how it can fits in a lot of products. My current makeup pouch is from Daiso, a little bit bigger than this, so it isn't really a favourite because I need a bigger handbag to put that in.

    ieyra h. | blog

    1. Hey Doll,

      Thank you for visiting my blog...glad to be of help to you and so happy that you found my post interesting....I will be dropping by your blog soon.


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